Freshly Sired (Buffy Chat) Thread II

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Freshly Sired (Buffy Chat) Thread II

Postby Buffyversefantic » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:02 am

Since the previous thread is locked due to Malware Warnings,I'm starting a new Buffy thread since Buffy #38 comes out next week.

New Scott Allie interview

Interview with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Editor/Writer, Scott Allie!

By Melissa– October 26, 2010

While Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes to an end, we take some time to catch up with editor and now co-writer of the comic over at Dark Horse, Scott Allie.

In case you’re not familiar, Scott has been around the Buffyverse for quite some time now, his work spanning back to stories in the Tales of the Slayer collection a number of years ago. With other horror titles under his belt, Scott currently stands as the senior managing editor for Dark Horse comics.


ComicAttack: Before we dive into the Buffy-related questions, tell us a little bit about yourself. Have you always wanted to work in comics? What led you to pursue a career in one?

Scott Allie: I didn’t really think of comics as a career option until I stumbled into it. I wanted to be in publishing, but didn’t think that specifically about comics. Out of college I came to Portland not knowing Dark Horse was here, got a great job at a literary magazine, and saved up to finance my own comics. Doing that for a while caught Dark Horse’s eye, and got me the entry level job here.

CA: Looking through your colorful resume, other popular titles like The Devil’s Footprints, Conan, Solomon Kane, and even Hellboy have all been under your name. Considering they’re all in the horror genre, one can only assume you’re quite the fan. Have you always been one? What has been your greatest influence in paving the way for your horror preference?


SA: Yeah. I was in to horror before I was into comics. Horror was my genre of choice before I was ten years old. The biggest factor in that was probably Stephen King. I started reading his books early on, and they had a huge effect on me. Also the magazine Famous Monsters, Forry Ackerman’s old magazine. I ate that book up.

CA: You’ve also been involved with the Buffy character for quite some time now. Do you have personal interest in the character and story? Are you a fan of the series itself?

SA: I am now. I wasn’t interested in it before I got the job editing it back in 1998 or so. I accepted the job based on the word vampire in the title, and started watching the show and reading the scripts ahead of time. I’ve definitely grown to love it, mainly through the writing. All the writers associated with that show are amazing.

CA: Which season of Buffy is your favorite; comics or otherwise, and why?

SA: Favorite season? I don’t know. Probably two. It probably changes every time you ask me, but I loved Buffy having to go against her boyfriend. I thought that was incredible. The best episodes came later, but the best season was maybe the second.


CA: Do you believe the new form of media the Buffyverse has taken has fundamentally changed the series? If so, is it for the better or worse?

SA: I don’t think that. Fundamentally it’s the same show, the same characters, the same story.

CA: Sometimes too much freedom can overwhelm and burn-out a solid story. Do you think the freedom comics has allowed for the Buffy Universe to expand has limited or increased your passion for the future of the series?

SA: Is it freedom that burns out a story? I’m not sure. My involvement is what’s increased my passion for it. The honor of pushing the story forward with Joss makes me more invested than ever in the characters.

CA: Angel has been around since the beginning, and has affected numerous points in Buffy’s life as well as the world’s. Now that we have this future world of his to contend with, how will that impact the future of the universe and Buffy’s life to come? What will his role entail this time around?

SA: Angel’s definitely impacting her life pretty heavily in the here and now, but where that goes and how it will lead into Season 9 remains to be seen.


CA: Despite some fans’ reactions to the Buffy they have seen change, do you think most are satisfied with what has been created for her? The situations she has been put in: do you think this new Buffy, one who’s been seen both as a god, deity, and villain, will have made the same choices she made a few years ago?

SA: I don’t know. The loudest voices on the internet are usually the least happy, and we’ve definitely got our share of that. Some are very happy, some are not. I hope the happy ones are in the majority. And Buffy’s definitely not making the same choices she was making a few years ago. Everything around her has changed, and she’s grown in both good ways and maybe bad. I’m not making the same choices I would have made a few years ago.

CA: Though there has been criticism about taking Buffy on a global level and losing a bit of its personal charm, how do you feel about the direction it has taken? Will Season 9 exist more to appease fans’ and critics’ wishes?

SA: It’ll exist to appease Joss and my wishes. We’re making some changes in scope, because of ways in which we think we let it get too big in Season 8. We do want to get more personal, small, yeah.


CA: What’s it like working with the master of all women who kicks ass himself, Joss Whedon?

SA: It is great. It is a mercy that he doesn’t send women to kick my ass, as he is, I hear, their master.

CA: Which story arc or personal contribution has given you the most personal satisfaction?

SA: Working out the ending with him. Plotting the end, even more so than writing it. Being able to contribute to giving shape to the climax was a blast, and I think I learned a lot.

CA: There have been teasers about the impending death of Buffy’s sister, Dawn, in the upcoming issues. As a longtime Buffy fan, I know Joss isn’t afraid to kill off important characters, and tends to make a habit of it in season finales. Do we have another tragic ending to look forward to?

SA: It will be terrible.

CA: Speaking of Dawn, what is your opinion on the character and her introduction back in Season 5? Do you think she flourished in the comics? Do you like her better now?

SA: I can’t wait till she’s dead. What? I think the introduction of a little sister from Buffy was typical Joss—take a tired TV trope and do something fresh and brilliant with it, defy expectations. I love Dawn. I hope we don’t kill her.


CA: Finally, what’s your preference in the age-old Buffy debate – Spike or Angel?

SA: I think there’s a website about that.

CA: Anything else you can tell us on Season 9 and the future of the Buffy universe? I promise I won’t tell.

SA: We hear Zombies are the next Vampires, so we’re gonna retcon the whole thing, and Buffy’s love life is gonna take on a whole new tone.

Melissa Kay
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:03 am

Buffyfest has read Buffy Season 8 #38(and A Shepherd's Tale) and gives a small preview/review. ... eview.html

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buffy #38 and A Shepherd's Tale: Preview Night

We got them, we read them and we've got something to say about them...not too much, though. Nothing spoilery, just teasingly tantalizing.


With the last few issues of Buffy moving in fast, we'll be having preview nights for each of the remaining stories to get everyone hyped for what we can only guess will be a painful, shocking and brain-crushing Buffy Season Finale. Stay tuned for those. Here are our thoughts for Issue #38:

Michelle: So, I see where this is going and all roads are definitely leading to badness. Poor everyone. Oh, and if that lioness is supposed to be Buffy and Angel's offspring, I just don't see the resemblance.

Bitsy: I can't believe they killed...

Tara: Um guys? I'm scrrred.


It's been a busy week in the Whedonverse with the additional release of the long awaited story of our favorite Preacher in, A Shepherd's Tale.

Michelle: This story was written really well. The character voices are spot on. I love Sheperd Book in all his complicated glory and it's complicated for sure.

Bitsy: I thought Angel made some questionable choices for the greater good but, damn, just... damn.

Tara: This is a nice one! When I finished reading the last page, I felt myself needed that next one more than I have in a long time. Oh, and the art in this is just beautiful.
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Postby itsame » Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:56 pm

More spoilers, please! I can't be expected to wait a whole day.
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Postby Veiriti » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:59 am

Here are more spoilers… and I’m not happy about them… :cry: ... read=11787
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Postby Double Dutchess » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:27 am

Thanks for the link Veiriti! I can understand why you're not happy... Getting a little worried again myself.
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Postby Lostsoul666 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:30 am

I'm worried that they are going to continue to screw up Angel.:(
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Postby Double Dutchess » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:34 am

Lostsoul666 wrote:I'm worried that they are going to continue to screw up Angel.:(

To be honest, I already gave up S8-Angel as a lost cause a while ago... But yeah, it definitely looks like things will get even worse where he's concerned.

Welcome to the forum by the way.
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Postby Veiriti » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:53 am

Welcome to IDW-Boards, Lostsoul666! :D
DD, you’re welcome either! :) Actually it’s Anca’s merit – she posted that link first in another site! :D
And yeah, the things don’t look pretty bright for anyone… Ill, devastation, loss… :(
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Postby angeliclestat » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:16 am

Uggghh,, I just don't care anymore. I just want this stupid season to finish so we can forget about it.

Why oh why did they have to bring Angel into this miss?
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Postby Lostsoul666 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:40 am

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. And at this rate(in my opinion)Buffy Season 8 is not making me a happy Buffy/Angelverse fan.
Angel's my favorite character, and I don't like seeing him as the villain in the Buffy comic. This whole Twilight storyline is really making me lose interest in the Buffyverse. Plus parts of the story like Buffy and Angel having flying god-sex sound like something that I'd expect from Charmed.
I'm dreading what's going to happen to Angel, Spike, Gunn, and especially Illyria, when they go back to Darkhorse.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:13 am

Here are is the Jeanty Q/A posted out. ... read=11787

[COMPLETE]Q&A with Georges Jeanty Session 15

Hey all!

Rules are simple: Maximum of three (3) questions per member until I submit your questions to Jeanty. I will post a note to let you know when I send off questions to reopen the floor. As always, there is a possibility of a delay, so thanks for your patience. Keep it clean, keep it civil. Simple right? Entries are welcome until I post a closing post. Questions regarding Twilight NO LONGER HAVE TO SPOILER-TAGGED! (Thank goodness... it was a pain having to make sure that the appropriate questions/answers were spoiler-tagged).

Anyone who's reading this and not a member, I'm accepting questions at . Feel free to send me your questions and I'll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Please note that Georges is often not really at liberty to divulge big spoilers, so don't waste those questions here... "No spoilers/comment" is a reasonable response to those.

Alright... GO!

1. AndrewCrossett: Buffy has the power to fly through a mountain without getting a scratch on her, but the Master is able to smack her across the room with a flick of his hand. Have Buffy's superpowers disappeared, or does the Master just have a way to get through them?

Georges: I think it will come out that the closer to the orb, the stronger the Master gets and at the same time it saps Buffy's powers a bit, as well as Angel’s. Don't let it fool you, that Orb is a powerful thing and is just no good for anyone around it!

2. AndrewCrossett: Do you agree with what Scott said at DragonCon... that issue #39 will cause a lot of anger in the fandom?

Georges: Yes. I was certainly pissed off. So much so that Scott, when he finally gave me the script to read, said he held off giving me any details of that issue because he knew it would upset me.

3. cheryl: Hi Georges, the art from the latest comic was great as usual I wanted to comment about a panel in particular, it is of Willow and she says "YAY?" during her convo with totally nailed the expression on Willows face as it is one we have seen a million times in the live series. Kudos to you!

Here are my questions;

When The Master says to Spike..."A soulless shell--no matter what you might think of it. And THIS is what you bring for protection?"

Is The Master saying that Buffy is a soulless shell? Or Twilight is a soulless shell?

Georges: I think that's a reference to Buffy. The Soulless shell part would be in keeping with how the Master knows Buffy died and was brought back, but there's still the speculation as to whether or not she has a Soul nowadays.
Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I never tire of hearing those especially when they mention the characters and their expressions. I know I've said this before, but I labor so long on that kind of stuff and it's so rewarding when people take note, so thanks again!

4. cheryl: Another question is why does The Master tell Spike that "his" new world isn't worthy of the power and that he has created nothing? Spike didn't create Twilight.

Georges: I think the Master meant it more in the general sense. Like 'you' as in 'all of you' aren't worthy of this new world.

5. cheryl: Finally, it appears as if Willow's stance in all this is to protect the magic, which unless I read that wrong, could allow the gates of hell to open, is that right?

Georges: Remember, this is the Whedonverse we're talking about, and in that world there are always consequences. These characters stand up for what they believe in even though it may not be the best course of action for the whole (I mean how many times in the 7 seasons have you disagreed with a decision that Buffy made?). Willow is bargaining for her self-preservation.

6. sosa lola: Art Compliments: You did a wonderful job with Willow in this issue, I can't stop staring at her. You got her likeness and beauty so well. I also can't stop staring at the Xander/Spike panels because of the good art and, well, because they look so good together I can't help but squeal. I love how Xander's uniform went black when he was talking with Spike, I don't know if there's any significance there, but black does agree with Xander. Is it deliberate?

Georges: Again, a big thanks! I will admit the men are a little easier to draw than the women, but that's only because I can put more lines in them. That's an old art trick: in order to make the women more beautiful you should use as little lines as possible in their features, the more lines the less attractive they tend to look. With the men it's dealer's choice. Lines away. Oh, and the black in Xander's costume was more of a compositional thing. I had him in mostly black because he was usually the center of that scene.

7. sosa lola: We've seen a lot of change in Xander's role in the group, running a team, being more assertive and prominent throughout Season 8, and obviously the de facto love triangle between himself and the Ladies Summers; any quick tease you can give us about the direction of his arc in Season 9?

Georges: I'm hoping this relationship, which will go on, will change people’s perception of Dawn as the whiny little sister. She's a woman now and she is dating a man that she's had a crush on since she was a kid. If you go back and look at Season 7 you can see Joss sprinkle in some foreshadowing of Dawn and Xander's romance. Joss always told me that he had ideas for Season 8 if the show had gone that far. I assure you, Season 8 was never just a marketing tool to keep the franchise alive, Joss had more stuff he wanted to say. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that their relationship grows... and if it is, you didn't hear from me!

8. Maggie: Hi Georges,

I really enjoyed this issue. I have two questions:

Spike and Buffy go flying to the hellmouth in the sunlight. Spike is not bursting into flames. Is that something we should notice, or is it an error? Or are those flames in the last panel of them flying and he'd have been in trouble if they didn't get out of the sun ASAP?

Georges: I can see where this would be more of writer's discretion. Spike has had sunlight on him before and didn't burst into flames immediately, but we're told and shown in some cases, that if a vampire is exposed to sunlight they will burst into flame. I guess the question then becomes, how long must a vampire be exposed to sunlight before he bursts into flames? In this case, Spike is singed but not burning because Buffy is going so fast. This happens again in a future issue and I was wondering how long it took before Spike catches fire.

9. Maggie: I'm assuming that the entire page that ends in a kiss is Buffy's fantasy. Is that right? Or does the fantasy start in the panel when she stands up to comfort him?

Georges: Oh, that's the thing, isn't it? Did it really happen or was it in Buffy's head? Kind of like the end of the movie Inception. But no. It didn't really happen. Buffy even notes that her brain is turning into Cinemax, which is a pay cable movie channel that's famous for showing soft core erotica.

10. Maggie: You've issued lots of warnings for Angel fans. Do Spike fans have anything to worry about?

Georges: Well, he doesn't come out smelling like a rose at the end of this season either. More like charred and bloodied.

11. bamph: Hey Georges

This week's issue was really good.Here are my questions.

Twilight manifests itself to Angel at the end of the issue. We saw a glimpse of it back in the second arc of the season in Buffy's dream. This issue reveals it in full as a green glowing lion monster with wings. How was this design chosen and how much input did you have in it with Joss? Or was it all Joss' design? Is there any significance to its appearance?

Georges: The Lion/bird came about from Joss. That was the arc that Brian Vaughn was writing, but I think he told me that Joss had asked him to put that in there as he would be dealing with it in the future. As for its significance, I'm not sure. I know that in Mythology there is something called a Griffin and it is a lion with wings so maybe that's it? I never did ask Joss where he got that from.

I feel bad for Angel. It seems he's played the puppet more than once in such deadly schemes!

12. bamph: We are seeing a large variety of demons in this arc with very interesting looks and designs. Some are very striking in this issue to me. Are you basically allowing your imagination to run wild in that aspect and creating as wild looking demons as possible? How much freedom do you have on this aspect?

Georges: Total freedom. I knew there were going to be hordes of demons as the issue rounded its end so I've been collecting books here and there that had cool looking monsters that I could spring board from. Scott, the editor did give me designs for the demon that Angel rips apart saving Buffy and Angel... oh wait. You haven't read that one yet. Other than that I have had free reign to create whatever beastie I could think of. I must give some credit to Carlos Huante who is an amazing creature creator! He designs all sorts of monsters for different media. If you like monsters google him!

13. bamph: On the Buffy/Angel sex scenes in #34 you had lots of discussions with Joss and Scott Allie. How much direction did you get for Buffy's Spike fantasy scenes in this issue in comparison or at all?

Georges: I shouldn't say... okay, I will. Joss had very specific ideas about how all that stuff with Buffy and Spike should look. I made some suggestions and I ended up covering up some of it (all of which you'll be able to see in future sketch books. Shameless plug!). In the end I was blushing a little because even I thought Buffy was really going at it. I was at the New York show and had a conversation with a Buffy fan, Janetta, and she was horrified at the scenes of Buffy and Spike. I thought I had done my job a little too well until I found out she was on team Angel. She vowed never to read the book again. I hope she was kidding.

14. bamph: So it's not The Powers That Be that are behind Twilight and Angel's mission for it from how I take what is revealed in this issue. So will we find out why Whistler is helping this thing manipulate Angel? It seems like such a betrayal of Angel that Whistler would play him like this or is there more to that?

Georges: I think that's a question that will be better answered once Angel gets his own book. C'mon, you gotta have something to get you interested in the book when it comes out next year!

15. bamph: After reading this issue, something you said in a previous Q/A a few months ago really stuck out to me. I asked you, "Based on your viewing of the show only, how do you see Spike's role and relationship with Buffy in comparison to Angel's role and relationship with her?"

You said that your take is that,"Angel is Home and Spike is the Cabin in the Wood. Angel is where Buffy lives but there are times when she just has to get away to the Cabin for a while, y'know to clear her head, or when she's not feeling right about herself. That's what I think, anyway."

When Buffy tells Spike in the new issue,"I really shouldn't be telling you that, But... But you were the guy I told the things I wasn't supposed to tell. You're my dark place, Spike.", what you said about Angel being home and Spike being the cabin in the woods really hit home to me. I totally see what I think you meant. Is Buffy #37 a good example of what you meant with your Home (Angel) vs. Cabin In The Woods (Spike) take?

Georges: Wow! I said that?! Cool. I think when I said that I meant that Angel was that perfect relationship we all have in our minds about being with someone, I'm reminded of that song in the WIZ 'Home', and the 'cabin in the woods' is more the reality of who that someone is. Not glamorous, and some times hard to get to, but there's a comfort there nonetheless. I do see how it could relate to current events, though. But really, these 3 are ever the eternal struggle. Heaven help the guy Buffy meets next!

16. bamph: The covers for Buffy #40 are out.



Is there more to your cover as far as it being the full cover?It's very impressive by the way.

Georges: It's the last time you see them all together...

17. kdeb: Hi Mr Jeanty

Great work on this issue. Thanks very much for the beautiful Spike/Buffy panels. Here are my questions. They're pretty Spike-centric because that's how I roll:

What references did you use when you drew the Buffy/Spike panels? Did you go back and watch particular scenes from the show?

Georges: Nah. I had actors come in the studio and make out like crazy! Just kidding. I stage my scenes much the same way a director would his movies. I try and figure out what the best placement is for the characters and then I sketch some possibilities. After I'm happy with the way the scene plays out, I then go looking for references if it's tricky enough that I can't just sit and draw it out. I'll look through my picture files of the characters or take my pictures and find faces that kinda match the pose I'm going for and then go from there. It's more like putting a puzzle together than anything.

18. kdeb: We Spike fans have been promised that the Spike/Buffy relationship will be respected. Do you feel that's happened already or is it yet to happen? I ask because I'm not seeing a great deal of respect on Buffy's part towards Spike as yet. To me, she seems to be just using him again because he's convenient and has a space ship. She doesn't seem to care about him as a person at all. However, possibly this is the way Joss sees their relationship and so he feels that showing it this way is respecting it. What's your view?

Georges: I think it's bigger than that. Spike has been struck with morality now that he has a soul and I feel he would have helped out even if he wasn't still stuck on Buffy. He's slowly becoming a good guy, well, as good as he can for Spike, and fighting the good fight is just something he's adopted. As far as him being respected, how much respect does a guy who says he's 'love’s bitch' command? Don't get me wrong, I like the Spike, but he will humble himself for love. He's got the heart of a dead poet. Maybe that's what I like about him.

19. kdeb: I know that comics covers can be misleading, but does Spike's absence from your cover for #40 mean anything? You've told the Buffy/Angel fans they should be very afraid. Should the Spike/Buffy fans be afraid too?

Georges: All I'll say is that Spike is missing.

20. kdeb: With regard to the panel from #37 where Spike calls Buffy 'my hero' (great panel, btw)- is there a reason why Spike's face is so shadowed? Usually in comics this is a clue that the person speaking may not be on the level.

Georges: No reading into. It's dark down there. And I use the same rule I mentioned above about lines in the face, shade on guys looks cool, shades on the girls sometimes not so much.

21. kdeb: Finally, is there any hope whatsoever that there will be any nice Spike/Angel scenes in Season 8 or Season 9? Right now, it just looks like they're back to hating each other again and everything they went through together in the last season of Angel has been wiped out. Also, is there any chance of a Spike/Angel cover?

Georges: Were they ever all nice like in the last season of Angel? I think at most they tolerated each other, and the fact that Spike loves Buffy and diminished Angel's standing as 'Vampire with a Soul' doesn't give Angel the warm and fuzzies when Spike's around. So no, I don't think their role in Season 8 is mistreating their relationship.

22. moscowwatcher:1) Congrats with another great issue. You have pulled off the impossible - your Buffy/Spike panels are passionate, sweet, and funny at the same time. Question: have you been watching some particular episodes to get inspired for these panels or you worked without looking back at the show?

Georges: Man, you guys are all with the compliments this issue, I love it! Thanks! I usually try and watch episodes here and there just to refresh myself on character. I didn't watch any episode in particular for this issue. I was really jazzed about drawing more of Spike. I'm happy that I've gotten a chance to draw all the main characters. And it's a bit of a cheat, but Spike is such an easy character to draw. James Marsters has a distinctive face that's great to draw!

23. moscowwatcher: The creature that morphs from the bird and the cat on the last panel is very impressive - regal, scary, intriguing. How have you been calling the creature when you were talking about it? A chimera? A gryphon? A metamorth?

Georges: I've been calling it a Griffin. I don't know which spelling is correct. I'm sorry it didn't have a bigger part in the series.

24. moscowwatcher: The cover of #40 caused one of the biggest controversies in the fandom. Spike's absence; Angel wearing white shirt while everybody else wears black; Sunnydale's sign restored; Sunnydale's population changed (32 900 against 38 500 on TV show). So far, one chunk of the fandom thinks that Spike is the betrayer and will probably be the villain in Season 9; other fans think Spike is going to die without any possibility of resurrection; there is also a theory that Buffy and her friends have traveled to an alternate dimension where Sunnydale still exists, but its population is smaller because the town doesn't have a slayer to protect people; Spike is still evil and soulless in that dimension and Dawn doesn't exist at all.
I don't ask you to spoil us - but could you tell us if your cover has any relevance to the plot -- or restored sign, population discrepancies, Spike's absence and Angel's clothes are purely random.

Georges: I honestly cannot say. Not because I'd be giving something away but because I don't know. I was given a list of the characters I was to have on the cover and I went form there. Because there were so many, I basicly did head shots for the cover. I wasn't the one who settled on that cover because I thought it might mirror Jo Chen's covers. My contribution was to add the Sunnydale sign and include Faith (basically because I love Faith). So what Joss has in mind is anybody's guess. I will say once that issue comes out, that cover will be very misleading.

25. moscowwatcher: My next question is about one of the past issues. Recently me and other fans were debating about the identity of the mole in Buffy's inner circle - the one who sent Buffy's photos to Gigi and Roden in "No Future For You". The central Buffy photo on "Buffy wall of fame" in Gigi's room (issue #7) has an intimate vibe: Buffy's hair is undone, she wears either a bra or a top on thin straps.
Question: were you given concrete notes to draw the central pic the way it's drawn? Or Buffy's looks are purely your artistic choice, a way to underscore her vulnerability?
(I'm asking because the rest of the pics depict Buffy during her missions, so they could be taken by Angel and then passed to Roden. But the central one could hardly be taken by Angel. If you were given directions to draw Buffy that way, it could be an indication that there is a mole in her inner circle).

Georges: I had free reign to draw the photo wall in Gigi's room. It was written that some of the shots be from some of her exploits. Angel supplied Roden with all of that, but did you consider that Angel would have given him older pictures of Buffy as well?

26. moscowwatcher: There is a Buffy/Spike flashforward panel in #34, where they look up at something big. It looks like Buffy's outfit - terracota pants and brown jacket - is different from her current outfit. Spike wears a shirt instead of a t-shirt he's sporting in #37. Are we supposed to think that the events on that panel happen in some indefinite future after the finale? Or the flashforward in #34 depicts current Buffy and Spike's battle in the Hellmouth, and we shouldn't pay attention to different clothes?

Georges: No. That was a continuity error. I drew that one scene in issue 34 and in issue 37 forgot all about what Spike was wearing. I made sure to have Buffy in the jacket that she wears way back in the first issue of Season 8, sort of coming full circle with her wardrobe, before I ripped it all to hell. But, remember, there are other flash forwards that we've yet to see...

27. moscowwatcher: You told once that Joss didn't give you specific notes on who should and who shouldn't be included in Buffy's dreamspace in issue #2. Did you know about Spike's role in the seasonal arc when you were selecting the images? If not, would you have included Spike in Buffy's memory cubes today, when you know his role?

Georges: That's weird. I don't know why I didn't include Spike in that cube montage. But, no. I didn't know then that Spike was going to be coming to the series.

28. AndrewCrossett: In your cover to #40, are the rising sun and the Sunnydale sign meant to represent the missing Dawn and Spike?

Georges: Dawn's there, she's the one above Willow. The Spike thing is another issue.

29. sosa lola: I've really enjoyed the Xander/Spike interaction in this issue. They have great chemistry. I've always hoped that one day they'd become good friends who still snark, but I doubt that Joss loves me enough to make it happen, so I wonder if there's a possibility for more Xander/Spike scenes in the rest of S8 or in S9.

Georges: I'm sure Joss loves you plenty. I don't know if you can take away that Spike and Xander are best buds from that scene. That stuff was mostly exposition to catch the reader up on what's the what.

30. stormwreath: Hi Georges!

This is kind of a follow-up to maggie's question, but with a different emphasis. You might be able to answer both at once, or maybe not.

In Buffy's fantasies about Spike, does the slight yellow tint to the background indicate which scenes are in her imagination, and those without the tint are what really happened? It's a bit confusing because we see her standing up and putting her hand on his shoulder, but in the next panel when the fantasy ends she's sitting down again.

So, did she sit down during her fantasy - or did she never get up, and the entire conversation on that page (where she tells him he's her "dark place") was only in her imagination?

Georges: You know I just noticed that. That was probably a continuity error on my part. I should have kept Buffy standing because it was all in her head but she did stand up. Good call.

31. stormwreath: A couple of things I picked up which might be continuity errors, or might be deliberate - can you clarify?

Aluwyn's eyes here are solid black with a small white dot, either a reflection or her pupil. When we've seen her previously, though, her eyes were solid white with no pupil at all. (Maybe she goes scary-black-eyed when she uses magic, like Willow sometimes does?)

Georges: That was my doing. It is different because I didn't think the white eyes looked alien enough. This is a woman with a snake's body, I wanted to introduce a little bit of creepy in this. As far as that character goes, many of you will probably soon be singing Aluwyn's praise...

32. stormwreath: The Master's speech balloons use a normal font, not the special font that the comic uses for vampires-in-game-face. Is this a sign that he's not what he appears to be, or just an omission?

Sorry for the nitpicking. It's not a reflection on your art in general, which was excellent as usual.

Georges: No. Just a fancy way to do his font.

33. veiriti:Hello Mr. Jeanty. And thank you for answers to my previous questions! I’ve just read Buffy issue #37 and I totally loved it!!!
Finally, we the fans of Spike/Buffy relationship had got what we wanted – a confirmation of Buffy's romantic feelings to Spike and she doesn’t treat him only like a friend or a co-worker - the love scenes between Spike and Buffy were AWESOME even in a dream! And that is a Buffy’s dream, not Spike’s and this fact makes the moment invaluable! I was very disappointed of her cold behavior to Spike before. In this issue Buffy is acting almost OC and she is starting to win me over again. As Spike said – she is my hero!

And I’ve noticed Buffy is acting weird and OOC only when she is around Angel. When Angel is not around her she is the same Buffy who I love. Is that because of the pernicious influence of Twilight?

About Angel – you told me that I’m going to hate him, but I felt sorry to him in this issue – he’s a fallen hero… I knew that he is acting under the influence of a sinister power and he is its pawn. In the end that creature told him “You will finish what you started” What Angel will do to finish the birth of his “horrible child”? Another space-frak with Buffy, or something worse?

Georges: Boy, you Team Spike/Team Angel guys are hardcore. You're gonna hate Angel and then feel bad for him, he does the tortured vampire thing so well.

34. veiriti: Back to issue 36, I've noticed something and probably it isn't intentional, but Angel is coming into this world/dimension from the left direction, his portal opens from the left side. The left side in the occultism usually is connected with the evil forces and energies. In Latin, left is "sinistra" - sounds like sinister in English. While Spike is coming from the right direction. The right side is connected with the good forces (energies) and the right side also means in English right - (correct, true). Is it your decision to put Angel on the left side and Spike on the right side or Joss Whedon told you to do that?

Georges: Joss did tell me to do that. But it also works as a storytelling device to show that these characters are coming from different places.

35. veiriti: I loved your artwork in the latest issues. You draw a very good Spike – nice likeness with the original! But the likeness of your Angel is not as good. Maybe Spike is easier to draw? My question is who is your favorite vampire Angel or Spike and why?
Thank you for your answers again!

Georges: Spike is easier to draw but that doesn't mean I favor him over Angel. I do struggle with Angel more, in the next 2 issues you tell me after if I've gotten any better with him.

36. AndrewCrossett: The way you and Scott and Sierra Hahn have been talking in interviews, Season 8 is going to end with major tragedy... maybe moreso than any other Buffy season that's gone before. Some people may be wondering if they even want to read the end, considering how depressing it's promising to be. Without being specific, is there anything about the ending of Season 8 that isn't pure misery?

Georges: It'll be a new beginning...?

37. leyki: Hi, Georges, and thanks for the answers you gave me in Session 14.

Is Buffy still under any kind of influence when she day-dreams of Spike?
Meaning that she has those thoughts caused from after affects like she said, or does she really feel that?

Georges: Nope. That's all her. After all, she did tell the guy she loved him once... and c'mon, was it really a lie? I mean a total lie?

38. leyki: Why does the Master have red eyes, and not yellow like vampires do?
Does this mean that he is not really the Master, or that he has evolved into something else?

Georges: Nah, it just looks cooler on paper. Or it could be that the Orb is red and he is heavily influenced by it.

39. leyki:

Is the rising sun Dawn in cover #40?

Georges: Seriously, Dawn is on the cover! I took the sun to mean the dawn of a new age. What age, you'll have to wait for Season 9.

40. leyki: Shall we learn anything, by the end of #40, about Connor, Illyria, and the rest of Angel's group?

Georges: No. But Angel gets his own book next year from Dark Horse so you never know.

41. leyki: Did Buffy hear Spike's "my hero" comment?

Georges: Yes, but I think it was said just in passing, like he was impressed yet again with this girl.

42. leyki: Why didn't Willow say the whole truth to Buffy after her meeting with Aluwyn? She just said, "Protect the seed". Is Willow hiding something else from Buffy?

Georges: I think Willow was still processing the info and that's all she could get out. In the real world Willow might not remember everything she was told from the dream state right away.

43. cordangel: First of all, I adore Angel: Angel as the show and the character and I don't mind of B/A. And this is my point. A lot of people have just seen the epic reunion and haven't seen the destruction of Angel as a character in s8. Are you aware of that? And how do you think to reconcile the Angel of this own series with the one in s8? Because for me it is very difficult.

Georges: Oh Angel will have a lot to atone for once he gets his own book.

44. Charles: Since the end of the show, a number of the cast have really changed whether it's Michelle continuing to grow up or Sarah and Aly becoming mothers, etc.. So have you ever been tempted to incorporate those changes into how you portray their characters?

Georges: I think you're confusing actors with characters. I would love nothing more than to seen these guys reprise their roles again, but I wouldn't bring their real life into the books. I did love Michelle on Mercy while it lasted.

45. Charles: Regarding the newbie Slayers, what are some background elements you'd like to see introduced in their characters?

Georges: I would love to see these characters grow and continue into the next season since I have a personal stake in them. I really like all of them and I hope Joss incorporates them in some way in the future, but that's more of a Joss question. I have told him I hope I'm drawing those guys in Season 9.

46. Charles: It seems like the comic glossed over Bay's near death in Tibet AND Renee's demise to a certain extent because of time. Any chance either of those characters gets mentioned again, either in the last few issues of S8 or S9?

Georges: I wouldn't rule out Season 9 but Season 8 is pretty locked in. I'm still trying to push Joss to giving us a scene where Buffy learns of Spike's resurrection. Please, Joss. Pretty please?

47. wenxina: Let's go back to #39 for a sec. So far, Sierra has described the issue as "ill", whereas Scott's one word sum-up of the issue was "devastation". Care to add another one word sum-up to the mix?

Georges: Loss

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Postby itsame » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:44 am

21. kdeb: Finally, is there any hope whatsoever that there will be any nice Spike/Angel scenes in Season 8 or Season 9? Right now, it just looks like they're back to hating each other again and everything they went through together in the last season of Angel has been wiped out. Also, is there any chance of a Spike/Angel cover?

Georges: Were they ever all nice like in the last season of Angel? I think at most they tolerated each other, and the fact that Spike loves Buffy and diminished Angel's standing as 'Vampire with a Soul' doesn't give Angel the warm and fuzzies when Spike's around. So no, I don't think their role in Season 8 is mistreating their relationship.

Confirming my suspicions that they're just completely ignoring After the Fall, etc.
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Postby bitsyfest » Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:16 am


Also reviewed. Most of the text is blocked out if you don't want to know, well, *everything*
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Thank you, bitsy! That was lovely.

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Thanks for posting that,Bitsy. :)
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