182 of arah sounds great- spoilers to follow

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182 of arah sounds great- spoilers to follow

Postby cashel » Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:52 am

We get darklon full of vengeance and violence. We get outback and some other unknown Joe's. The arashikge clan is further developed as larry takes two characters from his ddp storm shadow series. I think one is pale peony and the other is Tommy's aunt. This solicitation really excites me. Sure- I get tired of ninjas but I still love learning more about the arashikage clan. I think larry's hitting his stride and being more bold in exploring character's histories. I still want to find out about all those unknown cohos that are spreading across the world. I wanted a shake-up in the Joe mythos and it sounds like we might be getting it. I know this is a bad request but I'd still like to see the ninja force in the new books- it seems logical and I feel larry would write them better today. Yeah- I got sick of 'em in 118-145 but if larry can make crystal ball work- I give him the benefit of his doing some great stuff to get them over their silliness. Heck- dojo's mentor was killed by scrap iron under firefly's direction. I'm sure he's not going to let firefly get away with that. Larry has a way with the sullied characters but there are still loose ends left over from the original run. The faceless master is one of these. I didn't really enjoy the revelation but I do believe it should be followed up on. That was a major reveal. Okay- I'm done. Just wanted to express my happiness over 182's solicitation. There's a lot to cover- not sweep it under the rug. I look forward to larry utilizing subplots once again. Here's hoping for drastic revelations that build to a thrilling semi-complex. Thanks for reading my ramble.
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Postby Firefly210 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:15 am

I have yet to see a solicitation for 182, where did you find that at?
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