Classic Popeye series

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Classic Popeye series

Postby ecamber » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:38 pm

Hi! As a Popeye fan, I wanted to thank IDW for, in addition to their modern Popeye comic, starting a "Classic Popeye" series that reprints the Bud Sagendorf Popeye comics from the 40s-60s.

Sagendorf's Popeye is the 3rd best incarnation of Popeye, after Segar (thanks Fantagraphics!) and the Fleischer cartoons. While he kept a lot of Segar's vision, he also added his own touches to the art style and storyline which result in a unique vision of the sailor. He added lots of special touches to the comic books, with bold covers, fun one-pagers and some great stuff with OG Whatasnozzle.

While the previous short collection by Yoe Books was nice, it unfortunately left out a lot of this great material, which probably turned some fans off of Sagendorf. But from what I understand, this new reprinting will include the comic books in their entirety. So I would urge all Popeye fans to try out this series before just writing it off. The first issue comes out in August and costs only $3.99! :D

The only fear I have is the series getting cancelled before they can reprint all 100 Sagendorf comic books. That would be tragic. I'm not too familiar with IDW, so I have no idea what to expect. Does anyone here know? If the series has poor sales, how long will they give it to recover?
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