Godzilla - King Of The Monsters

We know there are some talented Godzilla fans out there, but talent isn't even required here. Any and all artistic representations of the monsters are welcome here.

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Godzilla - King Of The Monsters

Postby fbwash » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:23 am

My RGA partner is a accomplished graphic designer with a passion and love for mechs and monsters. It is that mutual respect for the genre that led to the creation of Robot God Akamatsu.
I would just like to share a current Godzilla piece he's done and hope that the forces that guide the IDW Godzilla series- Take notice of this amazing artisan.

King Of The Monsters by James Biggie
Frankie B Washington

Robot God Akamatsu Facebook Page :
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Postby Void_Master » Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:33 pm

I suppose I'm a tad late to the party, but that is one cool looking Godzilla. I especially love the Oppenheimer quote added to it. Great stuff.
Go Go Godzilla!

Okay to print.
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