Danger Girl: The Chase Photo Cover Edits

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Danger Girl: The Chase Photo Cover Edits

Postby idweagle » Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:07 pm

DangerGirl_ChaseEdits by aolcog, on Flickr

On the left is the cover for an upcoming issue of Danger Girl: The Chase. On the right are my edits to further enhance the image.

1. I altered the airsoft gun's barrel to metallic to make it look real.
2. I added a comic style flare to the gun.
3. Smoke is added the gun to fill in the empty space.
4. I cleaned the stray strands of hair.
5. I fixed and tightened the logo behind the hair.
6. The space between the waist and arm has an uneven background line from the rest of the background. It looks like the waist was manipulated to be extra thin, to mirror J. Scott Campbell's female waists in his art.
7. I enhanced the contrast to make the back darker and Abbey pop more.

I hope you like additions!
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