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Postby Buffyversefantic » Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:53 am

Covers and solicitation for Buffy S9 #14 and Spike # 3 of 5. ... Noto-cover

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #14

Buffy television scribes Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg take readers on a special two-part adventure where a new kind of Slayer emerges in a world without magic! As the zompire epidemic threatens a small California town, Slayer and Watcher join forces to eradicate an overwhelming new evil.

* Executive produced by Joss Whedon!

* First issue in a two-part arc!

* From Once Upon a Time writer Jane Espenson.

Buffy wants you! (to be strong)


Image ... ison-cover

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #3

Spike meets a demon in distress and a familiar, exceptionally nasty duo that are all after something buried in the rubble formerly known as Sunnydale. For a vampire with a soul and an aching heart, dabbling in a little villainy is a welcome distraction. But Spike will have to beware if the distraction becomes too much to handle . . .

* Spike heads back to Sunnydale.

* Buffy Season 9!

“Gischler does a great job defining relationships and then providing twists and turns.” —Comic Book Resources


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Postby Shade of Pale » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:50 am

Oh dear. Still waiting to feel the excitement for the Spike series. The covers and solicits aren't really enthusing me, apart from Jenny's for issue 1. Booze, Bad boy, Brawls, Buffy Sux, Bare Chests, Babe with incredibly tight jump-suit - it's not subtle. I'm looking for sensitive characterisation, emotional resonance, heart and soul, some original dilemnas and difficult, heart wrenching decisions for Spike. This isn't what I'm getting so far, although I could be taking things too much at face-value ! I'm just hoping that this is another case where the solicits and the covers are deceptive. It wouldn't be the first time, I suppose. It's a shame that Steve Morris isn't doing his arty covers for these issues. Those, at least may give some hints about future complexities. Maybe there will be some interesting hints at Comic Con. With a bit of luck we will find out that Joss is executive producing I'm hoping anyway...
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:40 am

Preview pages for Spike # 1 from EW.,,2039964 ... 89,00.html

EW Exclusive

'Spike' #1: First Look at New 'Buffy' Comic

EW exclusive! See four pages from new spin-off comic mini-series featuring the vampire with a soul whose impossible love for the Slayer has driven him to ''a dark place.'' Also: Giant alien cockroaches! (Use your cursor as a magnifier for a closer look)

Jul 10, 2012




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Postby Buffyversefantic » Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:32 pm

Photo from Dark Horse flood day before SDCC.

Psst... @DarkHorseComics ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#DayBefore‬ ... to/1/large

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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:52 am

Zianna's summary of Buffy S9 # 11 ... hp?t=18895

OK, we begin with the preview pages.
It's night. A car is approaching a hotel. From distance, a group of slayers are watching it with binoculars and guns. Buffy is commentating.

B: "(After the Seed was destroyed, hundreds of slayers were left without purpose. Hundreds of girls who had strength, power and used to be part of a supernatural army were suddenly turned loose on a world that didn't need them anymore. Some of those slayers figured out how to use their gifts to make a buck)"

One of the slayers from the group is using a radio communication to talk to another one near the hotel entrance. A man comes out of a car and he enters the hotel.

Slayer1: "Target's crossed the intersection of Third and Main."
Slayer2: "Copy. The target's checking in."

The man is now inside the lobby waiting for the elevator. We see that Kennedy is also there, in communication with the other slayers.

K: "Heading for the elevator."

We then see Buffy. She's upstairs, waiting for the man. She thinks.
B: "(Slayers I'm now taking orders from.)"
And she replies to Kennedy.
B: "Copy. I'm in position."

The elevator door opens.
B: "Good evening, Mr Goldberg. I'll be your bodyguard for the evening."

Buffy's commentating continues.
B: "(Yep. Kennedy took us corporate. Salaries. Benefits. Paid vacation. And a 401K.)"

The man and Buffy are inside the hotel room now.
B: "I'll be in the room next door. If you sense any danger, press the panic button. And I'll stop whatever is making you panic."

Buffy gives him a small device, which communicates to another one that she hangs on her belt.

Man: "You're sure the company doesn't have anyone bigger?"
B: "I only come in Buffy side. And it's kind of the point. No one will ever think I'm a bodyguard."
And Buffy leaves the man alone and goes to the next room.

While she's there, Kennedy calls her through radio communication.
K: "Buffy, it's Kennedy. We've got suspicious activity on your floor."
B: "Already? I haven't even raided the minibar yet."

Buffy goes out of the room. She sees a maid and a demon outside.
B: "Got him. Scaley flavor of demon. Disguised as a bellhop."
K: "Negative. A demon doesn't fit the profile."
B: "Tall, dump and spiny? What's not to hate?"

Buffy doesn't listen to Kennedy. She follows the demon down the stairs. Kennedy tries to change her mind to make her go back.

K: "Buffy, the demon is not our primary concern..."
But Buffy is determined. She takes off that radio communication and follows the demon and attacks him.

B: "Got you! How were you going to kill him? Kander poison? N'lek demon grip?"
She starts searching him for weapons and she finds...
B: "Or...hotel mints?"

She stops the attack.
B: " You really are a bellhop?"
Demon:"Since this real was cut off from the central hell bank. I had to take three jobs just to make ends meet."

And suddenly her panic alarm starts. It's her client, he's being attacked back into his room. By the maid that was outside, who Buffy didn't pay any attention because she was focused on the demon. The maid's pointing a gun at him.

Maid: "Hang over the briefcase."

Buffy rushes back to the room.
B: "Drop the..."

The maid fires and Buffy falls in front to protect her client and gets the bullet instead of him.

But surprise, Buffy is alright. Not hurt at all. Actually it was all a test. She's now with Kennedy, watching everything on film as everything was recorded by the cameras.

K: "You want to watch it again?"
B: "I get the point. I saw a demon and left my post."
K: "Against my orders. You're lucky it was just a training mission. If it'd been the real thing, you'd be swiss slayer right now."
B: "Did you really have to put blanks in the gun?"
K: "Don't get your gun-hating panties in a knot. It helped me make my point. Besides, you're fine. Carl is fine. And so is Tagorak. They're actors."

They both enter the next room, and there we find the client and the demon.
B: "Sorry I abandoned my post, Carl. I thought Tagorak was the assassin."
Demon: "He's Tagorak. I'm Carl. Not all demons are bad, you know."
K: "Sorry I didn't tell you it was a test, Summers. But we're providing slayer bodyguards to some of the most powerful people in the world. Do you think we'd let you go into the field untested?"
B: "Since I have saved the world more times than anyone else in this building...YES."
K: "A corporate assassin in a bad french maid costume slipped right past you."
B: "Because I saw a demon. And where there's a demon, there's usually fire and brimstone and other demony things."
K: "Because you're thinking like a slayer."
B: "I AM a slayer. Isn't that why people hire us?"
K: "People hire us because we're strong, smart, and good in fight. Not because they're scared of refugees from the hell dimension next door. They want us to protect them from kidnappings, ransoms, assassinations, if you want me to certify you for field work, you need to stop looking at the world like you're the Chosen one. Tomorrow. I'm on an escort duty for some social-media wunderkind. You'll be with me. So study up. "

Next day we find Buffy and Kennedy at the slayers training compound. The way they train reminds us of the way they used to train back in seasons 7 and 8. Buffy and Kennedy walk and talk.

K: "There's not a lot ex-slayers are suited for in a world that's minus of magic. Most of us didn't even finish high school."
B: "Because we were busy saving the world."
K: "Or doing whatever it is we did to it."
B: "I'm going to stick with SAVING".
K: "I joined this company to give all these girls a shot at having some kind of a future. Including you. And Buffy, this job pays a hell of a lot more than pouring coffee."

Kennedy gets inside a red expensive AUDI and leaves Buffy alone.

Night has fallen. As we understand, Buffy is in one of the buildings of the compound and she lives now there with the other slayers. She can't sleep, and she's at the cafeteria of the compound, getting some coffee out of a coffee machine. But she's not alone, Eldre Koh has come to find her and to ask for her help.

E: "Sleep escapes you?"
B: "Who's there?"
E: "Forgive the lurking. Most slayers would attack on sight."
B: "You can stand down. Apparently, your kind has fallen off the slayer most wanted list."
E: "Eldre Koh of the Nitobe. When we last met, you have been weakened by the Siphon."
B: "Doesn't mean I don't remember. Plus, Spike told me all about your underworld bromance. Where have you been? For a minute, Spike thought you might be joining the Scoobies."
E: "What is Scoobies?"
B: "Never mind. So now that you're on a Seed-mandated parole, you're visiting me at summer camp, because..."
E: "I searched this real for the demon responsible for my imprisonment, but I've come up empty. I am loath to ask, since I am indebted to you by the Nitobe code."
B: "Loath away."
E: "I cannot put my life in order until I have vengeance. It is also part of my code."
B: "I won't tell if you won't."
E: "I need your help to find my enemy."
B: "Why me?"
E: "You are the slayer..."
B: "Who's taking a slay-cation. And I don't think Kennedy would like me running around with you. This job means I can actually build a life that revolves around things other than...well, demons."
E: "One of the few beings to have power in a world without magic and you try to profit from it."

Eldre's last words make Buffy mad. She grabs him.

B: "Watch it, laser hands. You want to lecture a slayer on the misuse of power, go find Simone. Me? I'm trying to get my life together. JUST LIKE YOU."

Buffy takes some of the books that were available in the cafeteria, leaves Eldre inside the building and goes out of it. While she's heading over the other building, she thinks...
B: "(Now can someone convince ME of what I said?)"

She then goes inside the other building. It's where the slayers sleep, all together in small beds one next to the other, just like in the army. She keeps on thinking...
B: "( 'Cause getting my life together means figure out how to work for Kennedy. Which means putting all my slayer instincts on pause. Trouble is, no matter how big the salary, how fringe the benefits, or how cushy the 401K, I can't find that pause button.)"

She opens her chest, takes out a stake and puts it in her inside pocket. She's ready to go out and slay. But unfortunately, Kennedy is also up.

K: "Where do you think you're going? The internet whiz kid lands tonight. We leave in five."
B: "This is just another training exercise, isn't it?"
K: "No. This is a real assignment."
B: "That's what you said about the last one. There are zompires out there....zompires that need stakes in their chests."
K: "If you walk away from this, consider yourself fired. All the other girls said I shouldn't hire you. They didn't want to work with the person who made the slayers obsolete. But I did."
B: "Why? Last time we had the big Seed talk, there was lots of blame getting tossed out. Mostly at ME. For things like Willow dumping you."
K: "Getting dumped by Willow was the best thing that could've happened to me. It forced me to realize that my old life was over. Slaying wasn't going to give me any kind of future."
B: "But it's NOT over. Zompires are on a siring spree."
K: "The world embraced vampires with open arms, Buffy. Now it's got to learn how to deal with them without crying for the nearest slayer. You're one of the strongest girls I know. The people who hires us need our help...even if they're not getting chased by some Big Bad by an unpronounceable name."
B: "I can't just shut it off like you."
K: "I think you're scared."
B: "Excuse me?"
K: "That's why you failed the test. That's why you've convinced yourself the world cant' function without you. You're scared of being good at something that doesn't involve some kind of grand DESTINY. 'Cause, face it, Buffy. Slaying's the only thing you've ever known."
B: "I'm not scared".

Buffy leaves Kennedy. She goes to the city. It's the middle of the night and it's raining. She's on top of buildings, searching for threats and zompires.
B: "(Okay, maybe I'm a little bit scared...but so are other people.)"

She hears a scream and rushes to help. It's a girl getting attacked by a zompire.

B: "(And no matter what Kennedy says, I can't walk away from them. She might be mad at me for ditching her training mission. She might fire me. But at least I got here in time to make a difference.
Or not.)"

Buffy surprised witnesses a police officer attacking and dusting the zompire. The officer talks to the girl. Dowling is also there, he comes out of one of the two police cars which have arrived at the crime scene.

Officer: "Are you OK?"
Dowling: "Get her to Saint Francis. Then meet me back at the station to file a report.
B: "Detective."
D: "Buffy Summers is chasing ME down for a change?"
B: "One of your cops dusted a zompire right out from under me."
D: "Thanks to you and Spike, I think we might be able to give you a run for your money."
B: "Xander told me what happened to your partner. I'm sorry."
D: "Yeah. It happens. But what happened to's what got the Department to support a task force to deal with these monsters. That's why a patrol officer was able to save that girl from becoming a walking blood bank."
B: "You're actually training cops to stake zompires?"
D: "It hasn't been easy. But zompires are feral. Predictable. Once you've figured out their patterns, dusting them gets a whole lot easier."
B: "So you don't need me to keep the streets zomp-free?"
D: "I don't know about that, Buffy...but even you've got to have a night off every once in a while."
B: "What is night off?"

Buffy leaves Dowling and goes to the airport. She finds Kennedy there waiting for her new client to get out of the private plane.

B: "This'd be one heck of a PRICING training mission."
K: "Told you it was real. If you want in, you don't leave my side. AND you're carrying his luggage. His name's Theo Daniels. Founder of a social-networking site called Tincan."
B: "Is that the site where you poke people?"
K: "You're not poking anyone. So I hope you left your stakes at home."

Theo comes out of the plane. He gives his luggage to Buffy.

T: "You're both slayers, right?"
K: "Yes. But we're trained to handle every scenario...even if it doesn't involve vampires or demons..."
T: "I hired you BECAUSE of your experience with demons."
B: "Really?"
K: "Why?"
T: "An organization from a hell dimension is trying to kill me. I think you've heard of them before...WOLFRAM AND HART."

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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:41 am

Spike's eye color in his miniseries addressed on twitter.

Georgia þ@Light_Watcher

@VictorGischler Hi! Saw Spike's #1 preview pages. Any reason why he has yellow instead of blue eyes? Fans have already started complaining.

Victor Gischler þ@VictorGischler

@Light_Watcher coloring is not in my jurisdiction.

Victor Gischler þ@VictorGischler

@Light_Watcher maybe it was the lighting in the scene ... ? Really, don't worry. We didn't change the color if his eyes.

Georgia Georgia þ@Light_Watcher

@VictorGischler IDK, ie read here …, In other forums even more people are complaining. Who's the colorist?

Georgia þ@Light_Watcher

@VictorGischler We can see Spike's face in 4 panels, he has yellow eyes in all of them. The rest of the lighting seems normal.

Victor Gischler þ@VictorGischler

@Light_Watcher sorry to hear about the problem. I don't really know anything about the coloring.

Georgia þ@Light_Watcher

@ScottAllie Hi! Already asked @VictorGischler he knows nothing about it Why Spike has yellow eyes in #1 preview pages?Many complaints so far

Scott Allie þ@ScottAllie

@Light_Watcher We were going for a lighting thing but agree it didn't work, will change for printed version. Rushed some things for con.

Scott Allie þ@ScottAllie

If you understood who I truly am in my heart, you'd know that I know Spike's eyes are blue.

ETA ... ew&id=4939

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #11

by Greg McElhatton, Reviewer

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9" is about to hit its one-year mark and it's been an odd year indeed. After opening with a post-magic status quo of Buffy trying to make ends meet as a coffee barista and living a normal life, we've jumped everywhere from pregnancy scare to robotic doubles. This month, a lot of that strangeness is being left behind for a story that feels more reasonable.

The basic theme of Buffy trying to survive in the real world is still there, but this time thanks to former slayer Kennedy's bodyguard company, it's one that seems to fit. As charming as the character of Buffy could be at times, shifting her from a customer service job to protecting people with her strength seems like such a no-brainer that it's almost hard to believe that it took this long.

Andrew Chambliss still manages to get a lot of well-placed drama out of this set-up, though, as we're reminded of how Buffy finds herself left behind in a new world order she caused; her dealings with various demons and supernatural monsters on the streets is a little heavy-handed in parts, but it's a point that needs to be made. Here's the best thing about it, though: Chambliss makes Buffy's path through those points feel satisfying when the dust settles. It would be easy to feel like it's all for show, but Chambliss makes Buffy's little journey this month feel natural and good, and it gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the "Guarded" storyline.

Georges Jeanty's art has been all over the place on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9," with some issues feeling spot-on and others a little weak. This one feels more towards the latter when it comes to characters and their faces. I understand that likenesses are difficult to nail, but I wouldn't have recognized Kennedy without being told it was her and Buffy herself comes across a little misshapen in far too many places. Jeanty's drawings of Sarah Michelle Gellar are normally a bit more polished than these, and it's not what I've come to expect.

Visual hiccups aside, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9" #11 is definitely one of the better issues of the series, and it makes me feel like the comic is back on track. With a great cliffhanger to lead into next month as well, I'm definitely excited to see what happens next. This is the sort of writing I like to see about my favorite slayer.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:52 pm

Here's Kairos's summary and review of Buffy S9 # 11.I should have my copy tomorrow.

Buffy Season 9 #11, Summary and Review

Got my issue late because friend from afar was visiting and I spent the morning at Ikea with him. (What?) Got my issue at all because friend left a bit earlier than I had planned for, so when he left I still had a day free to do with what I pleased.

Before I embark on writing this all out, I feel entitled to tell you that I'm not particularly looking forward to the task. I do it first and foremost because I enjoy it, but some issues are more enjoyable than others, and all of them take time to properly summarize. This one? Nothing happens. If you've been paying attention to the previews and hints from Dark Horse, believe me, you will not be surprised by anything in the issue. Doesn't mean it's a complete waste of time, but right now I'm more excited about trying out the lap desk I got at Ikea than I am about discussing Buffy.

Lap desk is pretty awesome, though, so at least I'm comfortable. Okay!

Three pages from the preview, showing us how Buffy's got a job as a bodyguard working under Kennedy's direction, and her thoughts on it. She's alerted to suspicious activity on her floor, and hones in on a huge scaly green demon dressed as a bellhop.

Kennedy tells her that a demon doesn't fit the profile, but Buffy's already running down the hall, past a maid with a cleaning cart and into the stairwell. She spots him at ground level, three floors beneath her. Kennedy is still talking into her earpiece about how the demon is not the primary concern, so Buffy turns it off. She jumps down to the floor and attacks the demon, knocking him to the floor with one punch and pinning him. She asks how he was going to kill the client and starts searching his pockets, coming up with - hotel mints.

She lets him up, asking, "You really are a bellhop?" and he replies, "Since this realm was cut off from the central hell banks, I've had to take three jobs just to make ends meet." An alarm clipped to Buffy's belt goes off - her client has pressed the panic button.

We cut to the client's room. The maid we saw earlier has a gun pointed at him, telling him to hand over the briefcase. Buffy rushes into the room, but she's too late. The 'maid' fires, and all she can do is jump in the path of the bullet. In the next panel, they're all still standing there, nobody injured, Buffy acting confused. Same view of her is repeated on the next page, this time on a security camera monitor, with Kennedy and Buffy watching.

Buffy says she understands that she saw a demon and left her post; Kennedy emphasizes that it was against her orders, and Buffy would have been shot if it hadn't been a training mission. Buffy asks about putting blanks in the gun. Kennedy, who seems to know about Buffy's distaste for guns, says it helped make her point. She shows Buffy into the next room and introduces her to 'Carl' and 'Tagorak', who are actors who played the bellhop demon and the client. They're both fine, and now dressed in street clothes. Buffy apologizes. Carl, the demon, is angry at her for stereotyping demons.

As they leave, Kennedy apologizes to Buffy for not telling her it was a test, but says that since they're providing Slayer bodyguards to some of the most powerful people in the world, she couldn't let her go into the field untested. Buffy objects that she's saved the world more times than anyone else in the building. Kennedy points out how the assassin slipped right past her; Buffy points to her Slayer instincts sending her to take out the demon, and says that's why people hire Slayers.

Kennedy replies, "People hire us because we're strong, smart, and good in a fight. Not because they're scared of refugees from the hell dimension next door." Buffy, she says, needs to stop looking at the world like she's the Chosen One before she's field certified. She tells Buffy that she'll be accompanying her the next day to escort "some social-media wunderkind", so she should study up.

The conversation continues as they exit the building, which turns out to be a temple-style structure in a nice, secluded landscape. The sun is setting, and a team of Slayers is training on the lawn under the direction of a woman with a long blonde braid. Kennedy talks about how most Slayers didn't even finish high school, and there isn't a lot they're suited for now that the world is minus magic. Buffy says that's because they were busy saving the world, and won't let Kennedy say they didn't. They reach the parking lot and Kennedy gets into her car, saying, "I joined this company to give all these girls a shot at having some kind of future. Including you." She reminds her that the job pays more than pouring coffee.

It's night. Buffy's getting coffee from a machine in an empty lobby (same building they were in before?). Someone asks if sleep escapes her, and reveals himself in a moment as Eldre Koh. He says he was lurking because Slayers attack on sight, and she tells him his kind has fallen off the Slayer most wanted list. He reintroduces himself, as she was weakened by the Siphon last time they met, but she remembers him anyway, and Spike has told her about him. She asks where he's been.

He's looking for the demon responsible for his imprisonment; his code demands vengeance before he can put his life in order. He didn't want to ask Buffy, because he's indebted to her already, but he needs her help to find his enemy. She doesn't want to get involved, citing her new responsibilities and how she's staying away from demons. He accuses her of trying to profit from her power, and she gets angry, telling him to go find Simone if he wants to lecture a Slayer about misuse of power. Buffy's just trying to get her life together, just like Eldre Koh is.

She leaves the facility with an armload of books, thinking about the conflict between her instincts and her need for this job, and comes into a large dormitory full of Slayers sleeping on identical beds with identical trunks in front of them. She sits down on her own, opens her trunk (her usual Slayer stuff, including a book that says 'VAMP', is in there), and slips a stake into her jacket. "Where do you think you're going?" asks someone off-panel.

It's Kennedy. She reminds Buffy that the internet whiz kid lands tonight, and they're leaving in five. Buffy asks if this is another training assignment, and doesn't believe Kennedy's denial. She walks away, saying that there are zompires that need to be killed, despite Kennedy's response that she can consider herself fired if she leaves now.

Kennedy follows her out and they stop to keep talking. Kennedy says, "All the other girls said I shouldn't hire you. They didn't want to work with the person who made Slayers obsolete. But I did." Buffy asks her why - the last time they talked, there was a lot of blame being tossed around, and most of it was directed at her. She brings up Willow, but Kennedy says that getting dumped by Willow was the best thing that could have happened to her. She realized that her old life was over, and slaying wasn't a future. Buffy holds up her stake, saying that the zompires mean it's not over.

"The world embraced vampires with open arms, Buffy. Now it's got to learn how to deal with them without crying for the nearest Slayer." Kennedy goes on to say that Buffy's one of (!) the strongest girls she knows, and the people they help as bodyguards do need the protection, even if it's not from anything supernatural. Buffy's only response is that she can't just shut it off, and Kennedy says she's scared - she doesn't know how to be good at something that doesn't involve a grand destiny. Buffy denies it and leaves.

On the next page she's perched on a gargoyle, way up high, in the rain. She's thinking about how maybe she is scared, but she can't walk away from the people who need her help. She hears a scream and goes leaping to the rescue of a woman cornered in an alley by a zompire, feeling better for knowing that she's making a difference in spite of ditching Kennedy's mission. Before she slays, though, a cop gets there first, staking the zompire and saving the woman. Buffy watches as a couple patrol cars come up and Dowling steps out of one, giving orders about taking the victim to the hospital and filing reports.

Buffy jumps down to tell him how the cop dusted the zomp from right under her, and he replies, "Thanks to you and Spike, I think we might be able to give you a run for your money." She expresses her sympathy about Cheung, and he explains that it was that incident that convinced the department to support his special task force. It hasn't been easy, but they're figuring out the patterns of zompires and making progress. She smiles sadly, asking if they don't need her anymore, and he says he doesn't know about that, but she's got to have a night off sometimes. "What is 'night off'?" she replies.

Buffy catches up to Kennedy before dawn, finding her near a private jet that's just landed outside the city - which convinces Buffy that the mission isn't a training set-up. Kennedy gives her one more chance to get in on it, but says she has to stay by her side and carry the luggage. The client's name is Theo Daniels. He's the founder of a social-networking site called 'Tincan' (which we've been seeing posters for throughout the issue - and possibly earlier ones, if anyone wants to check for them). Theo, a thin nerdy-looking young guy with curly blond hair, steps off the plane and hands Buffy a case. He asks, "You're both Slayers, right?"

Kennedy confirms it but says they're trained to handle non-supernatural scenarios, but he says he hired them specifically because of their experience with demons. They ask why, and he says, "An organization from a hell dimension is trying to kill me. I think you've heard of them before - Wolfram and Hart."


Shoot, I used up all my thoughts in the first paragraph of the summary.

No, okay. I can work this. First, I'm not sure if this has been officially confirmed, but it seems clear that we have our new gay character. If he's going to be dating Andrew I dislike him on principle, but other than that, between his back story and his business ingenuity, he could prove to be pretty interesting. Apparently, whatever he's doing with Tincan (love that name, can't help it) is dangerous enough that he attracted the attention of Wolfram & Hart, which is already awesome. It's the most exciting element to come to Buffy's story since we learned Spike would be leaving, so I'm okay with accepting everything else in this issue just for the sake of setting it up.

Kennedy was remarkably tolerable throughout the whole thing, which kind of made me feel like she's being written out of character, but she really isn't. She's a smart girl, ambitious, controlling, and inflexible, and not without a compassionate side. This is exactly the kind of project that she would launch under these circumstances, and she's approaching it in a very business-like manner. It's a relief to hear that she's over Willow, and honestly, I was taking her side in every one of the arguments she had with Buffy.

...Which is not to say that I liked doing it. Is Buffy being written as less intelligent than she should be? Her stance did make sense: she's hardwired to fight demons, not humans, and it's extremely difficult to go against one's nature in that manner, but the way it was portrayed might have been taken too far. Did anyone reading really think that she was right about the bellhop demon, even just from the preview pages? Did we learn more from watching Buffy's life than she did by living it?

On the other hand, I really couldn't fault her for turning down Eldre Koh. It's not like he offered her anything in return, just, "Hey I need a favor and you should be okay with that since you're the Slayer." Nothing against him; I'm actually glad he's back. If there was one thing I didn't expect from the issue - it was Tincan, okay, if there were two things I didn't expect from the issue, they were Tincan and the re-emergence of Eldre Koh's mission. Not the Siphon! Alright then, who?

Nice appearance from Dowling, too. The frustrating thing about the issue was the way all of the events in it were really just demonstrations of what characters have been saying about the world for a while now, but in Dowling's case, I didn't mind. He's doing a great job with his brand-new destiny. I'm proud of him.

Back to Kennedy vs. Buffy a little bit. One line I really liked was in Kennedy's analysis of Buffy and her fear: "That's why you've convinced yourself the world can't function without you." I think she's totally right, and it's an aspect of Buffy's character that fascinates me. Season 8 was about Buffy's commitment to her post as the leader of the Slayers, and how it ultimately brought her down. She wasn't able to cope with the idea that they weren't saving the world under her guidance. She still can't, apparently. None of us have ever felt responsible for saving the world, so we don't know what it feels like to have that responsibility yanked out from under us. Of course Buffy is worth just as much as a person as she was before, but when she weighs her current influence against the difference that she used to make, well, it's no wonder she wants destiny back.

Art's good, glad to have Jeanty back. I really like the way he draws Kennedy; for some reason I mostly remember her in Season 8 as being drawn by Karl Moline. The actress's features are just a little unusual, and I think that carries over well in the comic to separate her from all the other pretty girls. Nice settings, too. I can't imagine that there are ever that many stars visible anywhere near San Francisco, but it looks like he was enjoying drawing them, so more power to him. (Unless it was the new colorist, in which case, same goes.)

Notables in the lettercol - Scott makes a Kennedy joke, which I found all the more amusing because I was so much less annoyed by Kennedy than I thought I would be. There's also a couple nasty reminders that the abortion arc happened (been trying so hard to forget), aaaand...the shippers attack. "We Spuffies, who have been trashed by DH from almost the beginning..." Yes, of course that's a direct quote. I can't make this stuff up myself. Scott's answer made it worthwhile, though. "We do not mean to trash shippers, but we can't give you what you want if it's not what Joss thinks is right for the characters." Amen.

Putting that exchange next to the content of the issue really puts Spike's role in the series in perspective: he was mentioned twice in the story, neither instance having to do with his relationship to Buffy. To all appearances, she's not really thinking about him, but the fans still are. That's where his absence hits. His miniseries is absolutely where he belongs right now; I just hope Buffy's series can handle whatever loss of readership comes with it.

Think that covers everything. I really meant to take a break before I finished this and go eat something, but the lap desk has me comfortably trapped here. MUCH LIKE BUFFY is COMFORTABLY TRAPPED in her...there actually isn't a parallel to be found here, sorry, I had to try.

Happy reading!

ETA ... ic-review/

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #11 Comic Review

Posted by Kimberly Lynn Workman


As one chapter closes in Buffy’s life, another one begins. Without magic in the world and no need for Slayers to protect the innocents from the monsters that lurk in the shadows, Buffy’s looking for a new purpose in her life. Or, she’s attempting to, but the call of her destiny seems a little too hard to ignore.

We kick off this arc with Buffy working a new job, thanks to Kennedy’s ingenuity. She and other Slayers have become bodyguards for the world’s elite. It’s a nice gig, considering they can use their abilities for good and profit. Unfortunately, Buffy’s still too headstrong to be taking orders from anyone. It’s been a culture shock for Buffy, I think, to go from being the Chosen One to being a girl who works at a coffee shop, dealing with the changing reality of what the world is like after magic has ceased to be. Kennedy and the other Slayers are trying to move on and make a life for themselves, but in many ways Buffy’s still stuck in the past. When given what we later learn is a training mission, Buffy decides to go after a demon as a perceived threat while leaving her client wide open and in danger. Until she can change her mindset, she’s never going to be successful at this job. The company’s clients don’t need to be saved from supernatural creatures, but instead the very human threats around them. It’s going to be hard for Buffy to try and turn off that part of her brain.


And it’s not like the outside world is making it easy for her to do it, either. Eldre Koh of the Nitobe shows up in the breakroom to have a talk with Buffy and try to get her to aid in his mission. He still hasn’t found the demon who imprisoned him and wants Buffy to help him track down the scoundrel. Buffy flip-flops on what we expect her to say. She puts up a token argument about how she’s changed now, how that’s not her life anymore, but she doesn’t even believe it herself. It’s like she’s torn in two directions, lost and unsure of which path her life should take from here. Spike’s already washed his hands of her indecision and Kennedy’s about to do it as well, giving Buffy an ultimatum: either stay and do the job or leave and consider herself fired. This is Buffy’s chance at a new life and she’s willing to let it slip away, perhaps out of fear of the unknown. Slaying was all she ever knew, all she ever was, so when that’s taken away, who is Buffy?

It’s not like the world needs the Chosen One anymore, not when the authorities are training their cops to take out zompires on their own. It’s a new world, and the chance at a new direction for Buffy when she finally accepts the truth. Decision made, it’s bodyguard time. Too bad her first real assignment is going to drag her right back into the middle of demon drama. The founder of the TinCan social networking site, Theo Daniels, believes he’s in danger. No, not from a person. Buffy’s client is sure that Wolfram and Hart is trying to kill him. Cue the cliffhanger and the knowledge that even when Buffy tries to walk away, the supernatural is going to drag her right back in.

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:37 pm

I have my copy of Buffy S9 # 11,"Guarded Part I of III."

First I should say that in season 7 I was indifferent to Kennedy.Didn't like her,didn't not like her.I had no real opinion on the character.She was just there.Season 8 moved me to full like category.And this issue continues that.It was interesting seeing Kennedy again post Willow and what she was up to.

The whole bodyguard angle is actually a idea that I can see making sense for slayers and it will be interesting to see how Buffy fits into this especially in the new role of follower(and following Kennedy specfically).This issue already shows that is not a role she is comfortable in and I doubt this is a job she'll still have by the end of the arc.Still,I think it's great that Kennedy is giving her a shot.

As the summaries suggested,this issue is more setup.

It was also good to see Elder Koh re-enter the story and I liked the interaction with Buffy and the way he pressed her buttons on her new job.As for the demon responsible for his imprisoment.I've seen speculation about Illyria and I could buy that as a good way to bring her into the story.It would also be a good way for Spike to re-enter the story when he returns to this title later in the season.As Buffy already pointed out,he has already developed a bromance with Koh and would put him in a tough spot if Illyria was the demon Koh wants revenge on given his obvious past relationship with Illyria and friendship with Fred.

Also really liked Dowling in this issue.I really do like the idea of a special task force of the police to handle zompires and other supernatural threats and being trained to handle them.

This is probably a pipe dream but like I said in my thoughts on Angel & Faith # 11 two weeks ago, I really think this would be a great way to bring Kate back in the story.We know she's back with the police and she was already experienced with vampires and demons so I think she would be a perfect person for this task force and perfect way to bring her into Buffy much like Wolfram & Hart.Speaking of....

Oh man,I love this.This time last year at last years SDCC in fact,Joss said they would get crazy with the crossovers in year two of season 9 and he wasn't kidding.Buffy taking on Angel's number 1 baddies is very exciting and in my mind what getting crazy with the crossovers means.Yes i want to see Buffy and Angel interact again and I'm already enjoying Willow's crossover in Angel & Faith but to me,getting crazy with the crossovers means doing crossovers never done on the shows.In some cases that never could be done on the shows due to real world reasons and such.

Buffy vs Wolfram & Hart falls right in those lines(as does Illyria appearing in Buffy or my idea of Kate joining the police task force in Buffy).This is such a exciting idea to me and the cliffhanger end has me salivating over next issue and Buffy's reaction to dealing with Angel's number 1 foes from his time in L.A.This is the most excited I've been over the Buffy side of season 9 at all so far.The only thing possibly more exciting to me would be if Connor crossed over to Buffy.It sounds like Wolfram & Hart is where we left them at the end of After The land/or the IDW Spike miniseries depending on your canon barometer.I think either or both work for where canon is at on them.

The issue itself was okay.Not very exciting but some interesting and great setup for the rest of the arc.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:10 am

Twitter reports from yesterday's,"Comics Arts Conference Session #2: Once More, with Comics: How the Whedon Universes Continue in Comic Book Form."

Some light new spoilerish stuff.

Lisa Gomezþ@lisatwingomez

Tom Lenk and Amber Benson

Scott Allie, Jane Espenson, Amber, Tom... ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#buffy‬

The panel ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#buffy‬

"Joss influenced other tvshows/comics to continue on canon comics."

Panel is giving a brief history of the Buffyverse

Cosmic sex has been said at least three times... ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#Buffy‬

Firefly and Dollhouse discussion now

Husbands got a cheer when mentioned at Whedonverse comic book panel! ‪#TippingPoint‬

Moderators discussing the comics right now, I suppose there will be more of a discussion soon...

Thoughts on the way the shows ended? Jane Espenson: "Too soon."

Scott Allie: it took so long to start Buffy in comics... spontaneously Joss wrote the first issue in season 8 and emailed it to Scott.

What's Joss' process in the comics? Allie: 8 and 9 are totally different

Allie picked Christos Gage before they knew it was Angel and Faith

Allie: since the summit, things have changed but they will have the basic endgamr

Allie: Andrew Chambliss has face to face talks with Joss on Buffy (probably on a computer)

Gage: Joss act like a show runner on Angel and Faith. I pitch things, he approves things but is nit picky

Amber: The Buffy comics do a good job of visually portraying women

Amber: it was easier to write Willow than it was Tara ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#buffy‬

Tom was surprised but happy that Andrews role has been expanded in comics

Allie said Jane's story has something to with Andrew... Hmm ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#buffy‬

Tom: "I choose Spike" on who should be Andrew's boyfriend in the comics. HUGE laugh and applause at that ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#buffy‬

@VictorGischler no problem, sir. Wish you were here! I'm sure there are TONS of Buffy and Spike fans that would love to ask you questions!:)

Is Season 10 confirmed? Allie: Started an email thread. Haven't had a talk about where Season 10 will be but know where Season 9 will end

Gage: Joss' characters are so good, they have distinctive stories so they tell you, "What is Angel going to do next?"

Tom: given 3 pages to read for Andrew at the audition. Had never seen Buffy before. Had never played Dungeons and Dragons ‪#BuffyComicsPanel‬

Tom Lenk has been getting the most laughs... He's hysterical ‪#BuffyComicsPanel‬ ‪#SDCC‬

Clare: Based Glory on Jack Nicholson's performances in The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Clare: Eliza told me to NOT read the fan boards

When Jane was wanting to be a writer for Buffy, she pitched an idea similar to the swim team episode and she got the job ‪#BuffyComicsPanel‬

Jane: the smart thing that Joss did was write stories in the comics that couldn't be told on television

Allie: Were going to be very careful on who we bring back to life in the comics

Besides getting a boyfriend, Tom wants Andrew to be more badass and have a darker side in the comics ‪#BuffyComicsPanel‬ ‪#SDCC‬

End of panel. That felt WAY too short but it was great ‪#BuffyComicsPanel‬ ‪#SDCC‬

ETA ... eason-ten/

Buffy – Will There Be A Season Ten?

Written on July 13, 2012 by Rich Johnston

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has continued in comic book form in both Season Eight and Season Nine, kicking off a series of comic books that have continued TV series in a similar fashion, such as Smallville Season Eleven.

But will there be a Buffy Season Ten? At the Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, with the likes of Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Torchwood), Chris Gage (Angel & Faith), and Scott Allie (Dark Horse) we learned that it isn’t a 100% sure thing that there will be one… although they are in talks about ending Season Nine, and hoping for more…

Is it just me, or is that a really obvious way to get the fanbase involved in ensuring the continuation of the series? The letter writing campaign begins here!

Thanks to Joe Salas for the reportage.

Hmm,in the twitter report from the panel there was this.

Is Season 10 confirmed? Allie: Started an email thread. Haven't had a talk about where Season 10 will be but know where Season 9 will end

I'm wondering if some wires are being crossed.I got the impression that they've just haven't started breaking the season 10 stories yet and dont know what will make it up but that they know how season 9 ends.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:50 pm

Dark Horse: Joss Whedon Panel reports.


Scott Allie introducing the panel! ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Scott: working on finals issues of Buffy and A&F right now. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Scott: new Firefly comics are coming! ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

And it starts! ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Joss is wearing a black Much Ado About Nothing shirt. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

New miniseries that Joss wants to do that Scott doesn't know about yet!!! ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

2 days ago they finished post-production on Much Ado about Nothing. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Much Ado is a "weird little piece". Joss wrote the score for it. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Dr. Horrible 2: Joss has had a meeting. Already has a bunch of songs. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Going to speak to Warren Ellis about Wastelanders right after ComicCon. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Joss: enormous props to Andrew Chambliss and Scott Allie for taking over writing for Buffy Season 9. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Joss: would love to write for Buffy comics again. It always feels like a vacation, and I'm due for a vacation. ‪#Buffy‬ ‪#josswhedon‬

Joss: if I were to write a zombie apocalypse , I wouldn't take the easy way out... And I would kill everyone you love."

Joss: I would absolutely love to return to television. Don't know which commitment is my next. but Tv rules, man.

Joss: this is just getting weird... This should be called the dark panel. It's like I'm always getting you guys to love me, let's stop that

Joss: I think I invented television, I'm handsome and awesome

Joss: I'm not actually a big go back guy, once I've told a story, it's happened, that relationship has run its course.

Joss: the next thing I create will be something I've never done. I've got some ideas.

Favorite medium? Joss: yes. All different, but all storytelling. Working on Much Ado score was different but it was writing.

Joss: what I want to do with my life is to create emotional moments

Joss: this is like the frank miller version of me

Tips for struggling artists? joss: make things make things, make things yourself. Right now, we live in a different world than we did

Joss: the more you get out there, the better you become at it

Joss: even without a Nathan, there's so much you can do now. And you have to.

What inspires you as a writer? joss: when I was a kid, my family used to make fun of me all the time, one of the reasons, I loved every

Joss: movie I saw, and I think my education was decided by genre, musicals, western, noir...

Joss: I just love movies, stories and every aspect of it. When I write horror, it's funny. Dramatic, they sing. I also have ADHD

How do you write complex villains? joss: willem dafoe really hit me. There is no difference, everyone thinks they're righteous.

Joss: if they're evil, they're going to be fun

Joss: no one is pure evil except for a couple of guys, and no one is pure good, except for me

Writing Innocence made Joss realize he was a douche. "We all want to be a little bit evil."

What are you most proud of? joss: hopefully it's something I haven't written yet. the body is the best episode of tv

Joss: Buffy was on for three years, we started pitching the animated series. They said well, she's got to have a interesting male character

Joss: Jennifer Lawrence is awesome

Joss: the industry will change their mind when the audience makes them

Joss: every time I go on the floor, I have yet to find a female figurine that doesn't look like a porn star.

Why did you choose much ado? joss: it contains the words about nothing, that was a deal maker.

joss: you're going to freak out [on Alexis' and Amy's performance in Much Ado]

joss: much ado is kind of a dark movie. A lot of lying and deconstruction about how love and courtship is supposed to operate.

Joss on Avengers: wasn't expecting what happened. It wasn't until people kept coming back to see it until I realized that it was special

Joss: The success of avengers means a lot to me

joss: I love Alan dearly and Inappropriately

joss: I do not avoid spreading myself too thin. I'm just a girl who can't say no

Any plans on a stage musical? Joss: of course I do. But I have too many plans, see above re spreading thin

Joss: I'm dying to do a stage musical. I can hear them saying to me "I'm not dead. I think I'll go for a walk.

Buffy or Angel and Faith? Joss: girls girls you're both pretty. I love them both for different reasons. I love what were doing with Buffy.

More Fray? Joss: um... Okay. Sure. Fray is a part of the verse now that you can't ignore. Fond of Gunther. I want more Fray.

Avengers 2? Joss: yes, I really care about those characters. They speak to me.

Joss: I grew up with them, I'm a Marvel boy. It could happen. Maybe. We'll see.

On Black Widow: has the most darkness in her. She has a really twisted past. Understanding how she deals with people, appearing helpless

Joss: first scene with her "just works". My entire career is this scene. Look she's helpless, no she's kicking their asses

Lots of questions on Avengers

"3 year olds shouldn't know that there are space portals. Should wait til you're 6."


Constraints of much ado: I made it because it all took place in one location

Scott Allie just handed Joss a mysterious paper

Joss: a reason why they used black and white in much ado so you couldn't tell what time of day it was

@C_GRrrr no clue if it's something big or nothing at all lol

Joss is going on an awesome tangent on economic philosophy

1 more question: what is our biggest geek moment?


Joss: My life is one endless geek moment.

Joss: CW to air Dr Horrible on TV for the first time ever

Joss: next year, I hope I have a new slate of things for you to ask questions about because I love telling stories and I love you guys.

Joss: I'm so thrilled that you're all here ... hedon.html

SDCC 2012: Dark Horse - JOSS WHEDON Spotlight Live!


By Lucas Siegel, Newsarama Editor
posted: 13 July 2012

5:30-6:30 Dark Horse: Joss Whedon— Long before directing the biggest superhero film in history, Joss Whedon rewarded fans the world over with some of the most compelling characters and plotlines in the history of comics, television, and movies. Here's your chance to find out what he has in store for us next, and hear exclusive insight into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the ever-expanding number of titles in Dark Horse's line of Season 9 comics. Ballroom 20


And we're up! Howdy folks and welcome to Newsarama's continuing and exhaustive (trust me) coverage of Comic-Con International: San Diego!


Scott Allie, editor of the Buffy line is welcoming fans to the panel


He noted Buffy Season 8's first big hardcover just came out.


There are 25 issues of Buffy Season 9 and 25 issues of Angel & Faith in the Season 9 purview.


He also mentioned Willow and Spike who are getting their own individual minis


"We're building up to the end. If you're reading it we're only halfway through, but we're working out the end with Joss right now"


"If's been a crazy year, Joss has been very busy... " laughs from the crowd


He called Avengers the best superhero movie ever and got more applause.


"We are actively working on new Firefly/Serenity comics. Zack Whedon is working on that with his brother."


So that's a pre-announcement announcement kind of thing


And now, Joss Whedon. Huge applause and cheers. Joss is wearing a "Much Ado About Nothing" t-shirt


"Well it's been an interesting year"


Whedon is standing alone in front of the dais with a handheld mic.


He said in addition to those Allie mentioned there's one more mini-series coming up that he hasn't told Allie about yet.


"I'm happy to say that a few days ago we finished post-production on Much Ado About Nothing"


"It's a very important project to me and I can't wait to show it to you, though I'm not sure yet how that's going to be. If no studio picks it up, check iTunes!"


"We'll get it to you. You'll recognize a lot of the people in it, rocking Shakespeare like nobody's business"


"I also did something I've never done before, I wrote the score. So that's been taking my time and we finished!'


"That meant I didn't have anything that I HAD to do. So 45 minutes in I became terrified, so I got to gether with Jed, Zack... and started talking about Dr. Horrible 2" HUGE applause


"And we decided against it. We're gonna do three prequels but they're gonna suuuck..." Laughter. "No, we've been working on it for about two years, we have a bunch of songs, we know exactly where we're going, I can't wait to tell you more about it."


"That's gonna start happening hopefully soon... some of the actors in it are kind of successful!"


"I'm also going directly from Comic-Con to London to talk to Warren Ellis about Wastelanders"


I'm very excited about what we're doing and the way we're distributing it ourself because it means we can put it out our way... and in order"


"I really didn't prepare much to say so we're going to start the question forum where you ask long detailed questions and I answer them, possibly in mime. What is it like to work at Fox?" Mimes being in a box


Q: Love Buffy Season 9, are you going to personally write any of Season 9 or Season 10?


Whedon: "Andrew and I laid out exactly what we wanted to have happen in the season and a few issues in my brain exploded. He took over in an extraordinarily manly fashion"


"I think the most important involvement I have is in the structure stuff. The idea stuff, being in the room, breaking it down. When I can, I love to write it, it's like a little vacation for me."


"In the main I'm very grateful that I have this extraordinary group of people that I can trust with Buffy and Angel & Faith"


Q: If you were to write a Zombie Apocalypse, what would be your unique twist besides killing off all our favorite characters?


Lots of laughter and applause "How long until we'd get to that question?"

"Zombie Apocalypses show up in most of the stuff I do and much that I haven't done yet. My unique twist is that we assume we know where they're coming from. The thing that interests me most about people is that what they assume is their worst trait and what they assume is their best are often intermingled or the same thing"


"Where does it come from? It's not something about Oh, shoot the head it's all going to be all right." "What if you had a zombie apocalypse and there's a chance you can cure them and you can't just kill them all"


"I think they're so popular because tey're fodder, you can mow them down and it's okay. In the 80s, that was foreigners.

So I think That would be my fun twist. Then I'd kill all the people you love. No the people YOU love, like your family" *dead stare*


Q: Would you consider going back into television?


W: "Would I like to jump back into that pool I would. TV rules. Most of the good storytelling being done on the screen in America is being done on TV."


Q: Would you ever consider having a gallery of official art from Firefly or Dr. Horrible, from a bunch of artists?


W: "I'm trying to figure out if I make money off of this... I mean, because of the meaning! They shouldn't let me do these things when I'm tired."


"We don't have any sort of official art store, a lot of it is tied up in likeness approval and licenses from whatever studio has the rights today."


"But I think it's something that SHOULD happen, I'm for it!"


"But if I find out you're selling it on the black market, I'm gonna kill that guy's family. This is gonna be a dark panel."


"I'm always trying to get you guys to like me, but let's stop that: I think I'm awesome, and I secretly invented television"


Q: Now that produceers are probably more open to your work because of Avengers, are there any unrealized projects you'd like to go back to?


W: "I'm not actually a big "go-back" guy. Even if it's unrealized, It's happened, that relationship has run its course. I kind of tend to look forward. So I think the next thing I create will be something I haven't created yet. I have some ideas, I have some thoughts" applause "I got applause for being able to think. This is the best crowd ever. Watch, I can also walk!" more applause


Q: Which medium is your favorite, COmics, TV or movies?


W: "Yes, they are so different but they're all storytelling.


Even writing that score was something I'd never done before but it was still writing and creating emotional moments. The only thing I want to do with my life is create emotional moments."


Q: OK, why are we not allowed to bounce the wonderflonium?


W: "Do you WANT a zombie apocalypse? Take a science class, kid!"


Q: I'm a failed comedian. What tips would you have to struggling artists, writers if they're working on projects?


W: "My advice is the kind that will make you want to slap me, but it's always just make things make things make them yourself. Put it online, shoot it on your phone, get with a friend and do some live stuff."


"It's a different world. In Movies, they're literally eliminating the middle movie right now. They want to either make the tentpole or risk nothing. It's a problem, luckily I wouldn't add to that problem" *looks down at shirt* "so it really is about the DIY


"With the technology that exists today, anyone can do it. Don't get me wrong, if you happen to be friends with Nathan Fillion it makes it a lot better!"


"It's getting harder and harder to make something for somebody else. If you want to make something and you write it and make it... it doesn't have to be a zombie apocalypse... actually that's pretty cheap, just get your friends to look shitty and run after you!"


Q: What inspires you to do so many different genres, horror, fantasy, western, scifi...


W: When I was a kid my family used to make fun of me all the time because I loved every movie that I saw. All of them, equally.


"That's the thing, I really do. My education was very divided by genre, so understanding those genres as well as I could thanks to the teachers I had, defined them for me, but at the end of the day I love them all.


Q: My favorite characters are always the evil ones; how do you write your evil characters so they're still relatable and likable?


W:" Well everyone loves a villain! The thing that hit me was Willem DaFoe when someone asked him "what do you like better, playing a Hero or a Villain" and he said "There is no difference, everyone thinks they're righteous." Click moment! If they believe that what they're doing is right that will be a good story.


"No one is completely evil except a COUPLE of guys and no one is completely good except for me."


"When I wrote Angel's scene when he slept with Buffy wrong and when he just turned around and acted like he was blowing her off in his evil, I put down my pen and couldn't believe I just wrote that and made him say that."


A fan dressed as Emma Frost said she loved Astonishing X-Men


"Is there any kind of visual clue?"


Q: What has stood out to you personally that you've worked on?


W: "Hopefully something I haven't written yet! But I think "The Body" is the best episode of television I ever wrote"


"In AXM, I hit on some truths about humanity that I didn't know until I wrote them. Hopefully if anything lives on, it's the things that you write something and find something out while you're writing it.


"For AXM, particularly Emma and Danger's arcs, it's about people always working at cross purposes."


"in our society we are given two different directives that we are constantly trying to accomplish. That disonances is what makes us human. I honestly didn't understand that until I was writing a comic book about it"


"Those are the things that stick with me, that I grow up a bit because my characters taught me to."


Q: Love female protagonists, are they perceived differently by the industry?


W: "When Buffy had been on for three years, we started pitching the animated series that never went anywhere and literally got "well she has to have a male counterpart who's just as cool as her or we won't do it"


"Until recently the industry said that about movies too, but then you get The Hunger Games. The industry will never change it's mind until the public makes them.


"Comics is more of a fertile ground, of course. I will also say that I've always wanted to get a cool statue of a female character and never found one that doesn't look like a pornstar. It's really late in the game for there to be nothing but cheesecake out there for people to be buying."


Q: What made you do Much Ado about Nothing?


W: "For a long time I didn't want to do it because it has "About nothing" in the title and that's kind of a dealbreaker!


"But then we would do some readings in the house with Amy Acker and Alexis Denisoff" cheers "Yeah you guys are gonna freak out"


"Then one day I just did. I had a take, I really thought I knew what I thought he'd be saying and how I'd interpret that. It's kind of a dark movie, there's a lot of lying and deconstructions on how love and courtship is supposed to operate.


"He really looked at that with a cold eye and... oh who am I kidding I just wanted to shoot Amy Acker again!


Q: At what point did you think Avengers would be so successful?


W: "I hoped all along!"


"At no point did we think we wouldn't et the movie we were trying to make. Kevin Feige really does get the story and the ethos of the comic we both grew up reading. It wasn't until it happened and people kept coming back, that I realized that what I really grew up wanting to make and wanting to see, the summer movie that's still a MOVIE not just a ride...


It really was a need. I had a need, I was so busy getting that done, it seemed that I had done that and other people think I had as well. That Success means a LOT to me."


Q: Considering your recent success with the Avengers. If you bought back Firefly and did a second season, would you place it before Serenity so that Wash would be back?


That was a young fan that asked it


W: "..... no! Because, ultimately, I wouldn't be able to move forward with the other characters at all and their sadness. To keep him alive, I'd have to keep River crazy. I couldn't just run in place, I'd have to move on to the next thing."


She got a signed Buffy HC. Yowza!


Q: I don't know if you've noticed but you're very prolific. How do you avoid stretching yourself too thin?


W: "There've been a few thin times in Joss's life... I'm honestly just a girl who can't say no. When I fall in love with a story I just can't leave it. Then there's the Tim Minear factor where you find someone that can make it work when you need to move to the next thing."


Q: Do you have any plans to work on a stage musical?


W: Laughs "Here's the thing... of COURSE I do. But I have too many plans, see above re: spreading thin. The question is do I have the time to commit to one of the largest and most difficult projects I could ever encounter.


I'm at a point where many different projects are floating in front of me. The thing is, I'm DYING to do a stage musical."


Q: Which is your favorite, Buffy Season 9 or Angel & Faith?


W: "Girls, girls, you're both pretty. I love that Angel & Faith is new, but I will always love Buffy. I can't choose! I love them both!"


Q: Will we get more Fray?


W: "Ummm... Okay! Sure!"


"You know, Fray is part of the verse now in a way that you can't ignore. I adore her and all her friends, I'm particularly fond of Gunther. It's a question of when we have the right idea and time and talent in the mix."


"it's gonna be a little bit, we have a lot of things going and she's on the back burner, but she is burning. She's on fire."


Q: Would you be willing to work on any future Marvel movies?


W: "Yes! I really care about those characters, they speak to me. I did go straight from that to this, which means I did two things in a row that I didn't originate, which is a little hard for me. But I grew up a Marvel boy and have huge affection for that whole world. So it could happen."


Q: Can you talk about how you thought about Black Widow in the group of men in the Avengers?


W: "I love her character in a way I don't love the others in that she has the most darkness in her. It's something Scarlett and I talked about right when we first met, that she has a really twisted past..


"And that's something I had fun with making a little Noir in the middle of my superhero film.


"When we shot the first scene with her where she's all tied up, the producer Jeremy Latcham (sp) said this is the only scene in the movie that's in the shooting script word for word"


"I said that's depressing! But then the reason was, it just worked. I said look it just works because it's my entire career in a scene Look, she's helpless! Whoops, no, she's kicking ass"


Q: How do you make your work enjoyable for all ages?


W: "A lot of the work on Avengers was done for me ahead of time, I had a great cast great stories that had come before. I wanted to take the characters and make them do the things that you'd just say are awesome. It's having that but also exposing the weaknesses, the page-turners. The thing about comics is that every page you can surprise someone!"


"You can just keep bringing that moment, so you're always looking for it, and if you can put that in a movie and make it work, that's my answer."


Q: What's up with Kevin in Cabin in the Woods?


W: "Kevin was just a guy in a shirt that said Kevin and was just horribly murdering people, but with all the stuff running around we couldn't show that. That's also not true."


Q: What constraints did you have making Much Ado about Nothing?


W: "Ultimately, you are going to have the exact same set of problems in any situation. If it's avengers or Much Ado, your actors are doing other projects, location is a different problem...


"It's on a different level but the same thing. When I was doing Avengers, I thought it was more like making an internet musical than anything I'd ever done."


"Here's the thing about filming at your house: all people ever do is mow their lawns and make their dogs bark. It's a nightmare!"


"I always make do with what I've got. Even with the Avengers, we had plenty of money but we had to know where it was all going


"One of the reasons we shot Much Ado in black and whit is that it is a noir, one is that it's dramatic, and one is that we didn't have time to make a comprehensive lighting and color temperature set"


"I was never like, "Boy, I wish this was Avengers where I could digitally replace blah blah" though."


Q: I really enjoyed some of what you wrote during the Writer's strike, and the corporate big bads in some of your work. Can you tell us your economic philosophy?


W: I was raised on the upper west side of Manhattan in the 70s by people who thought Socialism as a model was a beautiful CONCEPT. And we're watching capitalism destroy itself right now, ultimately all of these systems don't work.


"I like to champion the working class because they are getting destroyed. If we keep the way we're going we're turning into czarist russia and creating serfdom. We need a system that honors what people achieve, but also honors the need for people to have a life and have a chance


During the Writer's strike I was FURIOUS, I remain FURIOUS


"I wasn't sure what to do about it. What happens now in the political arena, we have people trying to create structures or people trying to preserve structures that help the working class and people calling them socialist."


"it's not about republican vs democrat or conservative vs liberal. It's about people trying to preserve life and people who have gone OFF THE RESERVATION."


"And that's hurting America"


Last question!


Q: You've given so many geek moments, what was YOUR biggest geek moment?


W: "My biggest geek moment? Um... My life is one endless geek moment!"


"Honestly I have never had a more intense geek perfect experience than the email I got from Joe Quesada where he said "just to be clear the people you want on your X-Men are as follows" that's when I had a nerdgasm"


"You also would've loved watching me meet Neal Adams and meet Bernadette Peters. I couldn't speak."


"Also, next season, we'll have a special presentation by our friends at the CW who are airing Dr. Horrible on Television for the first time ever. And I think that's cool. "


"As always, I am so grateful and so thrilled that you guys came out. I hope next year to have an entirely new slate of things for you to ask questions about. I just want to tell you more stories, I love you guys."


A standing ovation. Thanks for reading folks! ... e&id=39778

CCI LIVE: Dark Horse - Joss Whedon

CBR is LIVE from the Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel where writer Joss Whedon speaks to fans about his Dark Horse work, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” and “Season Nine” of the Buffy comics.

Josie Campbell, Staff Writer ... 225567.jpg

CBR is reporting LIVE from San Diego’s Comic-Con International Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel where writer Joss Whedon will speak to fans about his Dark Horse work, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” and “Season Nine” of the Buffy comics. The panel will begin momentarily, so please keep refreshing your browser for the latest!

The Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con International began as Dark Horse editor telling the audience that there will be a Willow miniseries and Spike miniseries coming out soon, as well as an Angel and Faith series focusing on trying to resurrect Giles. Allie also mentioned they are working on new Firefly comics, no release date as of yet.

The man of the hour, Joss Whedon, then entered the Ballroom 20 stage to thunderous audience applause. Wearing a “Much Ado About Nothing” shirt, he told the laughing audience, “It’s been an interesting year.”

He then announced that two days ago they just finished post-production on “Much Ado About Nothing.”

“We are submitting it to some festivals and hopefully someone will be submitting it to theatres...if not, iTunes,” Whedon said, adding, “I wrote the score, so it’s my first film score and if it’s terrible then, well, it was my first. Leave me alone.”

He then announced his next project, “Dr. Horrible 2,” to more cheers from the audience, then joked, “We’re going to do three prequels, but they’re going to suck!”

Whedon then added, “We have a bunch of songs, we know exactly where we’re going...some of the actors are in it are very successful.”

Whedon then said he is going from Comic-Con to London to meet with Warren Ellis about another project.

Whedon opened the floor to audience questions, promising to answer some questions in mime.

“What’s it like to work at Fox?” Whedon said, then mimed being stuck in a box as the audience laughed.

The first fan to the microphone wanted to know if Whedon was going to write “Season Nine” or a possible “Season 10.” Thanking writer Andrew Chambliss and praising him, Whedon said he was most involved in the big picture stuff, outlining where the story and characters were to go.

“When I can I love to write it...but in the main I am very grateful now I have this extraordinary stable of people I can trust,” Whedon said.

The next fan wanted to know what Whedon’s twist to a story about a zombie apocalypse would be, other than killing off “our favorite characters.”

“That wasn’t long,” Whedon said as the audience laughed.

He then said his unique twist is that most fiction assumes we know where the zombies are coming from, “So I feel like you look at the Rage zombies and that’s fine...but I’m interested in our best intentions, and how that turns into a zombie apocalypse,” Whedon said, giving an example of a zombie apocalypse where a cure exists. “They’ve become fodder, you can mow them down and it’s OK. In the 80s, it was foreigners,” Whedon joked, adding he wanted to investigate, “Not taking the easy way out,” with zombies.

A fan wanted to know if Whedon would consider going back to TV. “I love television!” Whedon said, adding that he would love to go back to TV writing.

The writer joked to another fan who asked if he would do a fan art gallery showing, “But how would I make money?”

“This is all about me...I think I invented television and I’m enourmously handsome,” Whedon joked again as the audience cracked up.

The next fan to the microphone wanted to know if there were any properties he wanted to go back to and re-do or reinvent any of his old work.

“I’m not a big go-back guy,” Whedon said, adding that he had thoughts for new material. “I got applause for saying I have thoughts,” Whedon joked as the audience applauded. “I can walk too!”

To a fan asking which he liked, TV, film or movies more, Whedon said he liked all of the various mediums and that they were all different.

“That’s the only thing I want to do with my life, create emotional moments, and I don’t care where,” Whedon said.

The next audience member to the microphone asked Whedon for his advice for new and struggling writers. “Honestly, my advice is the kind that will make you want to slap me, but it’s always make things, put it online, do it with your friends,” Whedon said. Stating that the world has changed when it comes to entertainment, he continued that he thought the big problem with film now was that movies getting made are only small indie pictures or big Hollywood tentpoles.

“Luckily I would never add to that problem,” Whedon joked, adding as the audience laughed, “Oh, wait.”

“It really is about the DIY,” Whedon added, encouraging fans to make their own stories.

Whedon then told an audience member who wanted to know why he liked to cross genres that as a kid his family made fun of Whedon because he loved every movie he saw. “All of them, no matter what,” Whedon said, citing loving even the sequel to “Jaws.” He continued that his education was divided into genre studies, “that really hit home in a way that made sense to me,” Whedon said.

“I also have ADD,” Whedon joked.

Talking about creating interesting villains, Whedon told the audience, “You take the reality of the fact that nobody is pure evil except for a couple of guys and pure good except for me...and then you mix it up.” Citing when Angel slept with Buffy the first time and turned evil, Whedon said he was amazed with how awful he could write Angel. “We all want the license to be evil a little bit,” Whedon added.

An X-Men fan wanted to know what Whedon was most proud of in his life and work. “Hopefully it’s something I haven’t written yet,” Whedon said. Saying that he thought “The Body” was one of the best episodes of television he ever wrote.

“Whether or not stuff lives’s the things where you write something and the characters start teaching you,” Whedon said.

A femae fan then asked how he felt female characters are received by the entertainment industry. “You’re always going to get this reaction against it,” Whedon said of female protagonists, saying that things have changed a lot because of movies like “Hunger Games” and women being in action movies.

“In terms of comics, that’s a much more fertile field. I will also say I have been to Comic-Con for more than a decade I always go with the intention to buy a cool female hero statue...that doesn’t look like a porn star,” Whedon said to audience applause. “It seems really late in the game for there to be nothing but cheesecake down there.”

A Shakespeare loving audience member wanted to know why Whedon did “Much Ado About Nothing.” The writer/director said that after doing readings of the play with his actor friends, including Amy Aker, he decided he wanted to do a darker, colder version of the play.

“It’s why its noir...really I just wanted to shoot Amy Aker again,” Whedon said.

To the next audience member, Whedon said that at no point did he think “Avengers” would be as huge a blockbuster as it turned into, praising Marvel’s Kevin Fiege. “It wasn’t until it happened, that people kept coming back, that I understood what I wanted to do, make the summer movie that is a movie not a felt like there was a need for that old-fashioned notion,” Whedon said, adding, “That success means a lot to me.”

A young fan wanted to know if Whedon would do a second season of “Firefly,” but place it before “Serenity” so that Wash would be back.

“No,” said Whedon as the audience groaned. “Because ultimately I wouldn’t be able to movie forward with the other characters at all,” Whedon added, saying, “I couldn’t just run in place.”

The next audience member to the microphone asked how he avoids spreading himself too thin with all his various projects.

“I think we all know I did not avoid spreading myself too thin,” Whedon said. He then cited the “Tim Minear” factor as how he could tell stories, explaining that he assembled a team of creative people around him like writer and friend Tim Minear, “And clutch them to you bosom and never let them go,” Whedon said. He also said he’d love to do a stage musical, but is not sure what his next project would be.

Another fan wanted to know if comic readers would get more “Fray.”

“She’s a part of the ‘verse now in a way you can’t really ignore,” Whedon said, adding, “Again it’s a question of when we have the right story and time....she is on the backburner, but she is burning.”

To an audience member who asked about Whedon possibly directing “Ant Man” or “Avengers 2” Whedon said that as far as he knew Edgar Rice was still directing “Ant Man.”

“I grew up a Marvel boy, so I definitely have affection for that whole world,” Whedon said, though did not commit to saying whether he would direct another Marvel movie or not.

Whedon also said about directing Scarlett Johnason as Black Widow, “She has the most darkness in her of all of them,” Whedon said. “That meant in the middle of my superhero movie I got to do a little noir...the idea of appearing to be helpless and using that to manipulate people seemed fun.” Whedon then revealed that the scene at the beginning where Black Widow was tied up was the only scene to survive from the very first drafts of the “Avengers” screenplay.

The next fan to the microphone brought up the movie “Cabin In the Woods” and asked what Kevin was.

“Kevin was just a guy in a shirt with a nametag that said ‘Kevin’ that would just horribly murder people,” Whedon said, adding that they had to cut him out of the movie.

Whedon then told the audience that “Much Ado About Nothing” all took place in one location and was all in black and white, but no matter how big or small the budget the problems on a film will always be the same problems.

“I spent the first three weeks of ‘Avengers’ saying, this is more like making an Internet musical than I’ve ever done,” Whedon said. He then warned against ever filming at your home. “All people ever do is mow their lawns and make their dogs bark!” Whedon said as the audience laughed. The low-budget nature of “Much Ado” was also part of the reason they filmed it as black and white to compensate for lighting variations and crew needs.

Another fan who identified as a Union organizer asked about the Hollywood Writer’s Strike and asked about his economic philosophy as he often wrote corporate “big bads.”

“I was raised on the Upper West side of Manhattan by the most idealstic people...and socialism as a model was such a beautiful concept, and now it’s become short hand for horns and pitchforks...[and] we’re watching capitalism destroy itself right now,” Whedon said, adding, “We are turning into Csarist Russia.” He stressed that America needed to find a system that, “Honors everybody’s need to have a start, to have a life.”

“These things have been taken away from us...since the beginning of the Reagan era and it proved to be catastrophic,” Whedon continued. Stating that in politics that nobody has the perfect answer, but the debate is beyond just Republican and Democrat and is now between people “trying to make it work” and people who have “gone off the reservation,” Whedon concluded to giant applause.

The very last question came from a fan who wanted to know Whedon’s biggest geek moment.

“My life is one endless geek moment!” Whedon laughed. He then said the email he got from Marvel CCO Joe Quesada about his team on “Astonishing X-Men” a huge geek moment.

“You would have been more amused to meet me when I met Neal Adams and Bernadette Peters. I could not speak,” Whedon added.

He then announced that next season the CW would be airing “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog” for the first time ever, ending the panel amidst audience cheers.

The biggest Buffy comic news is Joss saying there is one more miniseries in addtion to Spike and Willow that he hasn't told Scott about before that that he wants to do.Is it a revamped version of the aborted Dru miniseries or something else?Something Illyria related maybe?It's been generally assumed that Illyria would be in Buffy but it's possble that a miniseries could be added after that?
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:48 pm

Joss did a off site SDCC NerdHQ Q/A today.It was a hour long Q/A and the whole video of it is here.

40 minutes in Joss is asked about Xander and his dark side that pops up once a season(like the lie in Becoming and OMWF).Joss is asked about the occasional darker tone that pops up in Xander from time to time.Joss gives a insightful answer but also drops some hints about Xander's arc in season 9.

He talks about using humor to cover rage and Xander has always been able to walk a fine line with that but this is something they are actually pursuing with Xander in season 9.

Fun Q/A overall.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:09 am

Full SDCC12 Dark Horse-Joss panel video
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:39 am

The title of Jane Espenson's and Drew Greenberg's Buffy S9 # 14-15 arc is "Billy the Vampire Slayer." ... #post97502


Reel Nerds Denver Comic-Con Artist Interviews podcast with Rebekah Isaacs at the 1:08:33 mark and Georges Jeanty at the 1:31:00 mark. ... ch-the-new
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Postby Shade of Pale » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:12 pm

I'm intrigued by the idea of a male slayer - interesting !
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:49 pm

Joss video interview from SDCC.Talks a bit about season 9.Teases that third Buffy miniseries again.Said he came up with it the day before yesterday. ... -con-2012/
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