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Spoilery review for tomorrow's Angel & Faith # 2. ... -2-review/

Angel and Faith #2 Review

Posted by Maria Selke
Monday, September 26th, 2011


What is the truth behind the radiant green goo being sold by the demon underworld?

What They Say:
Following some bad-many would say unforgivable-choices as Twilight, Angel needed to hide away and wallow in his guilt. But with a little TLC–courtesy of his only remaining ally, Faith, Angel is back to fighting the good fight and taking demons down one by one. With the Watcher files at their disposal, Angel comes up with the ultimate plan for redemption.

The Review:
Angel revealed, at the end of the first issue, that his goal is to bring Giles back from the dead. While he knows it will be difficult to bring back both body and soul, he has hung his entire sense of purpose on accomplishing this task. Faith believes this to be impossible, but she has committed herself to repaying Angel’s earlier support for her by supporting him in return. So she tries to protect his fragile sense of purpose, keeping him from sliding back into darkness, while looking for a way to redirect his energy away from resurrecting Giles.

The story in this issue is strong, with several major points woven together artfully. Our title duo battles demons who have a new black market item – some kind of radiant, odiferous goo that commands oddly high prices. Angel has his suspicions about the substance, and doggedly seeks out the source, resulting in many action packed demon fight scenes! I was thrilled to be gifted with another flashback of Giles, this time revealing more of his compassionate support for Faith. We also get another glimpse at the big bads, Pearl and Nash, who entered the story in the first issue. I’m intrigued by these characters, and looking forward to learning even more about their motivations and end game plans.

“Angel and Faith” continues to strike a wonderful balance between soul searching drama, action, and dark humor as they explore the themes of sacrifice, atonement, and loyalty. Along the way, we are treated to some of my favorite funny lines as Faith reluctantly decides to “ride shotgun on his crazy train” and snide comments are made about Angel’s previous pseudonym, “Twilight”.

In Summary:
The second installment of the Angel and Faith series is well paced and entertaining. I enjoyed the mix of dark humor, action, and introspection. The nature of the mysterious goo is revealed, which sets the stage for an important part of the story arc. I adored the continued presence of Giles, through well written flashbacks. My interest is building in the creepy Pearl and Nash, and I’m hoping for more revelations about them next month. My excitement over the events in this series keeps growing. Definitely a great read, and a series to watch!

Grade: A
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Postby raith » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:16 pm

[i]REVIEW: Angel & Faith #2

By Kev Weldon– September 26, 2011

Sadly this was not the case in the comics, where IDW’s Angel series became a slow paced, grey and dull affair while Dark Horse’s Buffy Season Nine, while certainly arguably overlong was a bright, fun and entertaining adventure.

Regarding this part of the review, I completely disagree. I have no idea what comics he was reading but he definitely mixed those criticisms up with one another. And I'm sure he meant Buffy s8.
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Postby Vampire in Rug » Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:43 pm

You can disagree with the reviewer's opinion all you want. Opinions are opinions. I do think it's pretty silly to say "he's got the two mixed up, he must have been talking about season 8!"

I did enjoy a lot of IDW's Angel, but I do agree with the reviewer that much of it WAS slow paced and dull.
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Another spoilerish review of Angel & Faith #2. ... eason-9-2/

Comic Review: Angel & Faith, Season 9 #2

Posted by Waerloga69 | September 27th, 2011


Comic Review: Angel & Faith, Season 9 #2

Posted by Waerloga69 | September 27th, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Angel & Faith Season 9 #2
Script by Christos Gage
Art by Rebekah Isaacs
Colors by Dan Jackson
Letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt
Cover by Steve Morris
Alternate Cover by Rebekah Isaacs, Andy Owens and Dan Jackson
Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: September 28, 2011
Cover Price: $2.99

Vampire drug dealers? Almost, but not quite. Angel & Faith Season 9 #2 opens up to a large fight on the streets of London. Faith and the girls are fighting a horned demon and his vampire cohorts in order to stop what they think is a drug deal. Lots of deaths later we find it wasn’t drugs at all, it’s…(sorry, no spoiler here).

Thanks to Angel stepping in at the end of the fight, one of the girls lives to fight another day. Luckily only Faith knows he was there…he is still persona non grata after the whole Twilight thing (a name that brings to mind other brooding vampires and way whinier cast members). Angel is still on the quest to redeem himself after his many mistakes in the past year. Whereas Faith, for all her faults, is trying to bring some sanity to his plans. His access to the Watcher Files isn’t helping, either. It just sort of feeds the fire that is keeping him going. Against her better judgement, Faith agrees to help him.

Which brings us to Demontown and the sometime fun, sometime goofiness that is the Buffy-verse. After a few connections and conversations (and beatings, of course) they get a lead. A few pages go by and we get another action-packed ass-whipping courtesy of Angel and Faith. Angel seems more at ease when killing demons than he does when having to deal with his immediate problems. Include a flashback of Giles and a visit from Nash and Pearl and you have the makings of a good read.

Christos Gage does a great job of building the rapport between the characters and moving the plot along. Lots of information in this issue that enlightens the reader to what is going on in Angel’s life and how Faith is trying to hold him steady during this trying time. I was going to say that I was a bit disappointed in Rebekah Isaacs‘ art, but I found her redemption in the fact that she features Faith in a Batman shirt on pages 22 and 23. So, considering that, the art is slightly mediocre but gets the job done. Yeah, I’m easily swayed, deal with it…it’s Batman!

I liked this episode/issue. It was action-packed and still loaded with information. We get an insider’s view of the somewhat strange relationship between Angel and Faith, even some of the thoughts that Faith has regarding her current situation. The comic was a quick read and I was shocked to see the “to be continued” at the end. Now I’m Jonesing for the next issue and this one hasn’t even his the shelves yet. If you have any love for the world of Buffy and Angel, grab this series, it won’t disappoint you at all.

Angel & Faith #2

Posted by Johanna on September 27, 2011

I really am spoiled by the collected edition and the graphic novel, because while reading serialized comics, I think is “how long is this storyline planned to run?” I’m guessing at how many twists we’ll see to fill how many issues. It’s hard for me to lose myself in a new chapter, especially if it begins with action, since that’s not why I read comics.

I know, that really says more about me than about the book, and it’s an unfair assumption to bring to an action-adventure title. But haven’t we seen girls battle vampires over and over? Even though the fight scenes are well-drawn and exciting, what attracts me here are the conversations and feelings and motivations.

Although it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for”, since we spend a lot of time inside Faith’s head here, which feels odd to me. She was always the tough one, the hard shell, the one who did what needed to be done regardless of how she felt about it. Wallowing over worries about what others thought of you was for Buffy and her buddies, and Faith was never really part of that group. But she’s a title character now, and we need to learn more about her to make this book more than fight scenes and nostalgia.

Plus, someone’s got to narrate, and Faith’s a better choice than Angel, who seems a bit demented once again. His goal, as set out in the first issue, is to bring Giles back from the dead, and here, we learn how he intends to do it.

Any excuse for a flashback with the professor. Even though he’s departed, Giles is a significant supporting player here, and he provides some necessary moral guidance, even through memory. Like the others, he’s drawn exactly as he should be. It’s a welcome comfort seeing these characters look and act (the hard part) like their original actors.

The publisher’s website has preview pages. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:52 am

I have my copy of Angel & Faith #2,"Live Through This Part II."

First,here's a good summery from Kairos.

I haz a summary:

We open with Faith, Nadira, and a squad of Slayers fighting vampires on the street. One has a briefcase and a machine gun, and wounds Nadira's leg when she separates from the group (against Faith's order) to chase him. He's decapitated by an Angel-shaped shadow before he can do any more damage, but Faith is trying to finish off her own opponent, a ram-skull-headed demon, before Nadira can come help (because she believes she's too angry to be effective). The demon takes off with his briefcase and the Slayers regroup.

They find a bottle of smelly green liquid in the case, and Faith takes it away to ask around, dodging around the issue of who saved Nadira. When she rejoins Angel, she tells him it was stupid to get near someone who wants to kill him, and then confronts him about his crazy idea to bring Giles back from a natural death. They hash out the particulars - Angel claims that the key is in Giles' magic-immersed life, which he hopes will leave a spiritual connection that can allow the soul to be returned to the body.

Faith isn't buying it and Angel can tell, but she does see how this is the only thing motivating his recuperation, and also, as his only friend, doesn't want to abandon him. When he goes to leave, weapon in hand, she comes with him, claiming she's just "wingman for a night".

We cut to "Demontown", a bar where demons are fighting each other for bragging rights, trying to establish a new hierarchy amongst themselves now that magic is gone. Angel finds a demon called Kurth and asks him about business - specifically, his business of "selling body parts to rich scumbags". Kurth corrects him, saying they've moved on to a higher class of business, but won't say more, so Faith attacks him, and within the space of a few panels, a full-on bar fight breaks out.

Faith and Angel leave bruised and bloody and Kurth appears to have escaped, but Angel says he can track him by scent. As they hunt, Faith shows some concern about the way Angel doesn't seem to feel anything when he fights. They find Kurth meeting up with the horned demon from the first pages, asking him for a "dose". The demon gives him the green vial and he pours it over his back, and we see his third arm (which Angel ripped off during the fight) instantly grow back. Faith and Angel observe, unseen from the rooftop.

Angel explains Mohra blood to Faith, touching briefly on his own experience with it in "I Will Remember You", but focusing on how it can be used to reanimate Giles' body. He asks if she's with him - we don't see her answer, but the next page has them leaping into the lair brandishing their weapons magnificently. Angel says that the leader's power is in its horns, so he lops them off, and Faith thinks about how excited his new purpose - and her apparent cooperation - is making him.

Faith accidentally incinerates the table holding the Mohra blood, but Angel says there must be more where that came from, because it deteriorates when exposed to open air, so the dealers must be getting it fresh. He pins the hornless demon against the wall and demands to know where they get it, and he says he'll tell.

Faith flashes back to a conversation she had with Giles, not so long ago. She's looking for a way to bring back the man she killed - the professor, not the deputy mayor - and he tells her he'd know if there was a way, and there isn't. He also dispenses some Giles-style wisdom about guilt and atonement. Back in the present, Faith hopes that she can keep Angel out of trouble and make him let himself off the hook, but she doesn't try to convince him that he's on a fool's errand.

Final page, Pearl and Nash meet up with Kurth; poor guy gets another arm ripped off. They want Mohra blood too.
Kairos | September 28, 17:29 CET

My thoughts

It's a amazing issue.I really loved it.I think Chistos Gage continues to have the voices down.Rebekah Isaacs continues to nail on the art.And I think the characterization is pretty dead on for where the two characters are at.I love the dialog between Angel and Faith when he lays out his plans.Faith doesn't agree with his plans but is going along with it because she's owes him and is afraid of what will happen to Angel or what he'll do if she isn't there to keep an eye on him.We also learn that Angel tried to bring Cordy back from the dead after she died in "Your Welcome" and he couldn't then.

Faith:That was stupid.Nadira wants to kill you.

Angel:If I avoided people who want to kill me.I'd never leave the house.

Faith:Not laughing.I'm seriously trying to figure out if you've lost your damn mind.Cause if you really think you can BRING GILES BACK FROM A NATURAL DEATH...

Angel cuts her off:There's nothing natural about the way he died.

Faith:My point is,he didn't get zapped by an abracadabra.You can bring someone back from a MAGICAL death.Not a broken neck.Angel,when Cordelia died you had everyone at Jacoby,Meyers and Satan working for you.In a world that still had magic.If it coulda been done,you'da done it then.

Angel:It's not that cut an dried.There have always been resurrection spells.Wolfram And Hart had dozens.They just aren't used much,because they're hard...dangerous...and they only work on the body.The soul's a whole different thing.You end up with a zombie...or worse...

Faith:Okay,You know the arguments against.That's a step.Add the fact that NO spells work now,and...

Angel:Ever wonder WHY you can bring someone back from a magical death?When you die naturally.The soul moves on,out of reach.But if magic's involved...Mafic is spiritual.It establishes connection to the soul.Giles was a Watcher and a Warlock.He spent life immersed in magic.

Faith:You think you can put his soul back together?He's Giles!No a damn car engine!Why can't you let him rest?What're going to do next,DIG HIM UP!

Angel:No until I have to.

Faith looks pissed:I'm out(walks away)

Angel grabs her arm:Faith,I know how it sounds.And it WOULDN'T be possible.If he hadn't left us The Watcher Files.GILES is going to tell us how to bring him back.

Faith thoughts:This is what got Angel back on his feet.Not anything I did.

Angel:Faith...I know you think I lost it.That's okay.I don't need you to believe me.But I DO need you to help me.

Faith's thoughts:He thinks he can fix the worst thing he ever did.I convince him he's wrong.I take away his reason to exist.

Angel:Just come with me for now.Give me a chance to show you this can work.

Faith thoughts:But what's my Plan B...Walk away?Or ride shotgun on his crazy train?I just got my life together.What happens when he goes off the rails.Except he was there for my crash and burns.Pulling me from the wreckage when everyone else was toasting marshmallows.What kind of friend would I be if I'm not there for his?

Angel with a disappointed face thinking Faith won't help:Okay,I understand.I'll be back late.(picks up ax).

Faith takes the ax from Angel:That's my lucky ax.(Angel smiles).Wipe that grin off your face.It's not like I'm gonna bone you.You stuck by me when everyone else wrote me off.That buys you a wingman for a night.I got your back.

I really feel for both characters here.

They go to a demon fight club and there is a good Twilight joke about how it's smart Angel drop that name since Stephenie Meyer tends to

It's after this where the Morah demon blood comes in.Angel reveals to Faith about what happened to him in "I Will Remember You" and B/Aer will like I think the little flashback to Angel with Buffy in the episode.

Angel and Faith watch as the demon Kurth who Angel was shaking down for info and who's third arm Angel took off grows it back after pouring Morah demon blood on the area after escaping.

Faith:Okay,I missed an episode.These guys are selling juice that grows back people's arms?

Angel:Not just arms.That was the blood of a Morah Demon.It can regenerate any organ.Any wound.Even Necrotic tissue.

Faith skeptical:You saying it could raise the dead?Ain't that kind of a leap?

Angel:I've SEEN Morah Blood bring a dead body back to life.Mine.

Faith:I missed a whole damn SEASON.

Angel:It made me human again.Made me...Normal....

We see a flashback shot of Buffy and Angel kissing in the sunlight from IWRY.

Angel:I undid it.I can't do what I have to if I'm...(Angel clearly in pain thinking about it raises his hand to wave it off)Y'know what,It's not important.The point is,it works.One of the more recent entries in the Watcher's Files talks about the Fraser Gang.How the abandoned their organ-selling racket for something better.They'll heal you.If you've got a terminal disease,If you've been shot by the cops...They'll take care of that.When I heard they were still at it,I realized it can't be a spell.They've got something special.And I had an idea what.Your fight tonight confirmed it.THIS IS IT.This is how we get Giles back.His body I mean.The soul's a whole other thing.But one step at a time.(Angel takes Faith by the shoulders).Are you with me?

Toward the end of the issue they've got something that has me wondering now.While battling the demons in their lair to get the Morah demon blood.the bottle breaks and it's now no good.

Faith:Aw crap.

Angel fighting a demon:Don't worry about it.There'll be more where that came from.

Faith picking up the broken bottle of Morah demon blood:There's still some in here.

Angel:No good,See how the glow's already fading?It deteriorates fast when it's exposed to open air.(breaks the demons horns off)They're getting it fresh.(holds the demon by the scruff of the jacket and demands)Where is it?WHERE DO YOU GET THE BLOOD?

The demon:Easy mate.I'm useless to Fraser hornless and I know too much for him to let me live.I'll tell you all you want to know,Just keep him busy long enough for me to make a run for it,yeah?

It's Faith's thoughts that are very interesting I think while this is going on.

Faith thoughts:Angel's back alright.Full of piss and vinegar.Except it's all gonna blow up in flames.He CAN'T bring Giles back.He TOLD me so.

We than cut to the Giles/Faith flashback.I'm not going to type this out.It's really good though.It's about Giles talking to Faith about how you can un-make you mistakes.You just have to live with them and try to atone for them.

I'll post one thing from Giles dialog here that stands out.

Giles:There are things we can't undo.Mistakes we can't unmake.We can punish ourselves for them in pointless indulgent ways.Acts that serve no purpose beyond wallowing in self-pity.Or we can try to ATONE for them.Not to erase what we did.Not to justify the unjustifiable.But to counter the evil we've done with a lifetime of good.

I think those comments from Giles are the key to this whole Angel & Faith series.

We cut back to the present and Faith thoughts which really have me wondering now what Faith is planning.

Faith thoughts:I tell Angel he's nuts.He goes off on his own.A loose cannon.Aimed at himself.Figured I'd go along...Keep him out of trouble till I can find a way to make him give up this snipe hunt.But he's not gonna.Angel's saved the world five or six times.Spent TWO lifetimes doing good.He made up for what he did to Giles before he ever did it.[holding the broken bottle of Morah demon blood in her hand).But he's still a vampire with a soul.A monster who hates himself for being a monster.He's never going to let himself of the hook.(Faith holds the broken bottle of Morah demon blood up close to her eye).Unless I make him.

I think Faith is planning to use the Morah demon blood on Angel and make him human.I think she is going to help him up to certain point and then instead of use the Morah blood on Giles,she's going to use it on Angel instead.Her thinking is that once Angel is human he can finally let all his guilt go.

I don't think it will work like that though.Assuming Angel did become human.He still would feel the guilt especially for the Twilight mess and Giles death since that happened while souled.I guess it could lead to a new dynamic if Angel human than has to deal with his own character flaws that were always there.Those flaws that led to him buying into Twilight and being tricked by it.Strip the vampire away and Angel is still left to deal with his faults in a more pure way.So I could actually see a interesting story there if that's where they go and assuming I'm not completely off about what I think Faith's intentions now are.

And would Joss really go there again and do a human Angel so soon after Angel:After The Fall?Granted as my speculation above shows,I would expect a totally different story than what was in ATF which was basically about Angel dealing with the limitations(the physical limitations) of being human while trying to save L.A.This I suspect would be about Angel dealing with his character limitations that have always been there without the souled vampire hangover factor.So it could potentially be a deeper story.

But I'm probably way off base.

I do wonder if we are being set up for a young evil soulless Giles running around soon and if the guy in the sunglasses from Buffy S8 #40 is him.

The issue ends with Pearl and Nash also interested in the Morah demon blood and wanting it.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:28 pm ... ew&id=3955

Angel & Faith #2

by Greg McElhatton, Reviewer

After the weak end run of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight," I was feeling distinctly unenthusiastic about the "Buffyverse" in comic book format. Unenthusiastic enough, in fact, that I was finding myself wondering if I'd continue to read the comics as they returned this fall.

Then fellow reviewer Kelly Thompson gave the first issue of "Angel & Faith" a 4.5 star review, and my first thought was, "Faith is starring in Angel's new comic from Dark Horse?" My second thought was, "I need to check this comic out." And boy, am I glad I did.

Christos Gage has brought to "Angel & Faith" what I was looking for in this comic's script: two characters who "sound" like they should, acting logically and following on what was previously established, but at the same time feeling like it's moving forwards rather than looking backwards. "Angel & Faith" is still dealing with the repercussions of the conclusion of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight," but in a way that feels far more satisfying than the original story was. Angel and Faith are the two characters above all others who have searched for redemption in the television show, so pairing them back up works especially well here. I like how Gage is bringing to the page Angel's desperation to undo his horrible mistake, and how Faith is finding herself the reluctant voice of reason (even as she has her own issues tied up into this particular situation). It's a great balance for the pair of them, each tugging the other in a direction they don't want to go.

Then again, the plotting in general is strong in part because it's able to mix multiple bits of story in without letting any overwhelm the other. Gage is able to work in information on why a "magical" death has a better chance of being undone versus a "natural" one, stage attacks on demon lairs, and even introduce some new bad guys. It's fun, and it feels like an actual episode from the stronger eras of the show. Best of all, though, is when we get flashbacks to Giles teaching Faith. Their partnering was one of the great early ideas of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight," and its eventual abandonment in favor of other stories was a real pity. With the way Gage writes the duo, it's a reminder of how well that pair worked together. Giles was always the ultimate mentor, but teaching the unteachable Slayer was especially fun to watch.

I've loved Rebekah Isaacs' art ever since "DV8: Gods and Monsters," so her strong work here is no surprise. Once again, she's great with body language and action; her characters leap and jump all over the place, but they never feel stiff or staged. "Angel & Faith" needs a high energy style, and Isaacs brings it. The only shock for me was how good she is at nailing likenesses, a difficult skill at best. Angel and Faith look just like David Boreanaz and Eliza Dushku, but never posed or traced. It's just another skill for Isaacs to pull out of her pocket here, and a great surprise. Just don't get too distracted by the excellent likenesses, or you might miss the rich backgrounds. (I especially enjoyed all of the furnishings in Angel's new place.)

"Angel & Faith" is a pleasant surprise. If you'll pardon the pun, it restored my faith in this little corner of comics. I'm definitely going to read more "Angel & Faith" so long as this strong creative team is on board. Heck, I'll even give the new "season" of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" a whirl now. This isn't just an excellent licensed comic, it's an excellent comic, period.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:02 pm ... -no-2.html

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel & Faith No. 2


I was very impressed by the introductory issue of this series, but does the second issue live up to the standard set up by the first? Answer: it totally does! These issues read great separately, but I have a feeling that this story is going to be fantastic in trade. We are still very much in the set-up stage of this story, but it's done in such a thoughtful and interesting way that I am not complaining one bit.

The difference in tone between this series and Buffy is, honestly, a little jarring. It is probably to be expected: the title characters are very different, the setting is completely different, and the themes being explored are very different. Where Buffy seems to be about trying to move ahead and looking to the future, A&F seem to be much more about overcoming the past. These two themes are actually wonderfully related and I hope that we might get some thematic interplay between the two series. However, they are very distinct ideas and it makes sense that the books would feel so different.

We begin issue 2 with some slayer vs. vampire action. Faith is fighting a horny demon, and the fight clearly resulted from an interrupted business dealing of some kind: hence a briefcase full of money and another briefcase filled with some assumed illicit substances. At first I thought that this was another example of how mundane demon activities have become since the fall of magic, but it becomes obvious that it is far more interesting than that.

Nadira, the slayer we met in issue one, runs off to take out the vamp that took the briefcase, against Faith's cautions. I love that Faith basically describes her younger self when she is describing Nadira. Of course, as she points out, she can still be like this sometimes, but that fact that she recognizes the flaws in this type of attitude is really nice. How our girl has grown


I was surprised that I was seriously worried Nadira would die here. After all, she was only in... what? One scene last issue? I already like her and I am glad it looks as though we'll be seeing more of her. The vamp she chases pulls out a gun and mocks Nadira's medieval weaponry, which I cannot help but relate to the Simone story over in Buffy. Is this a hint towards the nature of the first crossover between the two books? Anyway, the vamp is taken out by a "mysterious" figure who has hair that "goes straight up." Hmm. Wonder who that was? The comment about him using a broadsword a little later clinches it. I actually really love that Christos Gage is making it a point to reference little details like Angel's preferred weapon. Little touches like that really make this feel like it belongs in the same universe as the series. This isn't the only example of that either, there's a big one later in this issue that I will discuss.

So the fight ends, Horny-demon makes off with the money, and the girls try to figure out what was being dealt. Faith bails when Nadira asks if she knew the guy with the broadsword. I'm wondering at what point in the series we can expect to see this foreshadowed confrontation between Faith and Nadira with regards to Angel. I'm simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading it.

Faith and Angel have a rooftop conversation where we get a little bit more details on Angel's plan to resurrect Giles. Again, love the reference to the series with Cordelia and Wolfram & Hart. Nice continuity. Faith seems to think that Angel's plan is both far-fetched and dangerous, and I have to agree with her at this point. Though I understand why Angel feels he needs to do this, and as much as I want Giles back among the living, this just SCREAMS bad idea.

Still love the setting. London at night is just really really beautiful, and Rebekah Isaacs takes every opportunity to show that off. This panel for example. Not going to see that in California.


Faith has a minor crisis at this point. She realizes that the reason Angel is so full of life again is because of this idea, not anything she did. I feel kind of bad for her when she realizes this actually. She then can't decide whether or not she should encourage him by coming along on his "crazy train." In a really nice moment for the character, she thinks about how he was there for her when no one else was and decides to go along with him, because he needs her to. I really love this. I love that you can feel the history between these two characters, and I love that this is pretty much a direct callback to some of my favorite episodes of Angel: Five by Five and Sanctuary. The relationship between Angel and Faith and their separate quests for redemption are clearly at the very heart of this book, and that is simply fantastic.

So Angel takes Faith to a demon fight club, where we learn the interesting tidbit that vampires are suddenly very high on the totem pole now that there's no magic. This seems strange to me. After all, aren't there plenty of demons that don't use magic that are still stronger than vamps? Oh well, I'm not going to argue. It seems like this info will become important at some point. We shall see.

Angel and Faith get into a fight with Angel's source, a demon named Kurth. Kurth works for a demon mobster named Mal Fraser as part of some organ harvesting ring. Angel rips off Kurth's third arm and proceeds to get into an old-fashioned bar fight with everyone else as Kurth runs off in pain. Faith questions this, but Angel insists that it's part of the plan.

They track Kurth across town, while Faith worries aloud about Angel's lack of emotion. The see Kurth talking with the horny-demon, who we learn is named Baphon, about getting a dose. The drug turns out to be Mohra demon blood and heals Kurth's arm. This is simply a fantastic callback to the Season 1 episode: I Will Remember You.


The fact that a minor macguffin from a much earlier episode is brought back to be such a major plot point is really cool. It just grounds this whole thing and makes it feel like it's own fully realized universe. Fantastic! I was actually kind of concerned with how quickly they skated over the fact that Angel chose to be a vampire again and didn't discuss the issue further. However, it seems after having read the issue that this is not the end of this idea, so I will reserve my judgements for now.

There's a really cool fight scene that ends with Angel getting the information he needs out of the horny demon. However, Faith has a flashback that casts major doubts on Angel's current mission. This is a scene between Faith and Giles sometime earlier, and this is probably my favorite scene of the issue. I think that a lot of very important stuff is said here, and I think that a major theme of this series is spelled out to us through Giles's voice. Faith brings up her murder of Professor Worth, the vulcanologist from season 3. I really like this callback, because I had forgotten about it as well. But of course Faith remembers, and she makes us feel bad for forgetting him in a wonderful panel on the bottom of page 20.


Giles then states what I think is a big theme of this series, if not THE theme in a wonderfully Giles-y monologue that I will quote in it's entirety here.

"Faith... I could make excuses. Say that you were mentally unstable when you killed him. But it wouldn't change the fact that you murdered an innocent man. It likely also will not help to know that there are others who live with the same guilt. There are things we can't undo. Mistakes we can't unmake. We can punish ourselves for them in pointless, indulgent ways. Acts that serve no purpose beyond wallowing in self-pity. Or we can try to atone for them. Not to erase what we did. Not to justify the unjustifiable. But to counter the evil we've done with a lifetime of good."

Man. He could be talking directly to Angel there. LOVE. IT.

Faith goes on to say that she thinks Angel has done enough good already to make up for the bad, and that the only reason he hates himself so much is because he's a vampire with a soul. I completely disagree with her on this, but I think I'm supposed to. I can understand why she would think that, but I think she missed something integral about redemption that Angel told her in AtS season 1. That it never ends. There is no point when the cosmic scales balance out. It doesn't work that way. I think Giles was kind of getting to that too. But nevermind because what she says now is completely insane holy crap!


SHE WANTS TO MAKE ANGEL HUMAN AGAIN! Holy crap! Doesn't she see!? This is the same as Angel wanting to bring Giles back. It's just as misguided. There are no quick fixes. As Giles said, you cannot erase the evil you've done or "justify the unjustifiable." I love that this book is making this distinction and I love that there are so many parallels between Angel and Faith right here. They are both trying to avoid the hard parts and trying to take back what has happened. But you can't undo the mistakes you've made. I love this!

But the issue doesn't end on this high note. Instead we get a quick coda with Kurth. Nash and Pearl find him and question him about the Mohra blood in a very violent and not at all polite manner. Gotta say, these villains still aren't doing much for me, and their really cheesy last lines aren't helping.

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Postby raith » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:50 pm

Buffyversefantic wrote:And would Joss really go there again and do a human Angel so soon after Angel:After The Fall?Granted as my speculation above shows,I would expect a totally different story than what was in ATF which was basically about Angel dealing with the limitations(the physical limitations) of being human while trying to save L.A.This I suspect would be about Angel dealing with his character limitations that have always been there without the souled vampire hangover factor.So it could potentially be a deeper story.

But I'm probably way off base.

I do wonder if we are being set up for a young evil soulless Giles running around soon and if the guy in the sunglasses from Buffy S8 #40 is him.

I like to think that Angel doesn't care about being human anymore. Not because he feels he doesn't deserve it, but feels his powers can help him achieve the greater good. It's basically a tool for him at this point. Angel abandoned his opportunity to obtain humanity twice. Twice being when he signed over the Shanshu (I know it wasn't techincally filed but the fact is he willingly signed it). For Angel, it's all about atonement and fighting the good fight. And it would be a short fight if he were to become mortal once again. Now if Faith thinks it's what Angel wants/deserves, then it will obviously conflict with how Angel percieves Faith.

With sincerity, doesn't A&F takes place months after Buffy issue 40, so how could it be him if the issue occurs prior to Angel's plan of resurrection? If I'm wrong, then that is an awesome Big-Bad.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:16 pm

raith wrote:
Buffyversefantic wrote:And would Joss really go there again and do a human Angel so soon after Angel:After The Fall?Granted as my speculation above shows,I would expect a totally different story than what was in ATF which was basically about Angel dealing with the limitations(the physical limitations) of being human while trying to save L.A.This I suspect would be about Angel dealing with his character limitations that have always been there without the souled vampire hangover factor.So it could potentially be a deeper story.

But I'm probably way off base.

I do wonder if we are being set up for a young evil soulless Giles running around soon and if the guy in the sunglasses from Buffy S8 #40 is him.

I like to think that Angel doesn't care about being human anymore. Not because he feels he doesn't deserve it, but feels his powers can help him achieve the greater good. It's basically a tool for him at this point. Angel abandoned his opportunity to obtain humanity twice. Twice being when he signed over the Shanshu (I know it wasn't techincally filed but the fact is he willingly signed it). For Angel, it's all about atonement and fighting the good fight. And it would be a short fight if he were to become mortal once again. Now if Faith thinks it's what Angel wants/deserves, then it will obviously conflict with how Angel percieves Faith.

Well,if Angel is made human by Faith,it would be against his will.He wouldn't be choosing to be human.Faith would be choosing it for him whether he wants it or not.

With sincerity, doesn't A&F takes place months after Buffy issue 40, so how could it be him if the issue occurs prior to Angel's plan of resurrection? If I'm wrong, then that is an awesome Big-Bad.

Those sequences were maybe future flashes to what's coming in season 9.Sort of teases of things that hadn't happened yet but will in season 9.I'd have to look again though but that's the vibe I got from them.
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Postby Shade of Pale » Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:33 am

I really enjoyed this issue. The art was wonderful again and although I'm a bit iffy on some things again, I'm willing to wait and see. I think that Angel and Faith are going to be making some big mistakes, which has me worried for them. There's no such thing as easy fixes - not for this sort of thing, anyway.
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Postby Buffyversefantic » Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:32 am

Full Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Angel & Faith #2. ... #post78080

Q&A with Scott Allie for ANGEL & FAITH #2

Hey all.

Welcome to our first Q&A session with Scott for ANGEL & FAITH. Everyone is free to submit ONE (1) question at a time.
However, we're going to do this a little differently this time. Scott and I discussed it, and we're going to limit the Q&A to a total of 30 questions this time. I'm going to collect 15 questions, and then close the session until the answers come back. I'll then reopen the session for new questions, or follow-ups if deemed necessary.

The other thing we'll be doing a little differently is that since we only have 30 slots to fill, I'd prefer that questions not be squandered on spoiler-baiting. While I understand that it's hard to resist, I reserve the right to not include those, if spoiler-baiting seems to be the only function of the question. An example of a spoiler-baiting question would be "When will Connor show up in A&F and will he and Angel have a long and heavy talk about how Angel could be willing to leave him on a dying world while he and Buffy traipsed off into paradise?"

I'll also be selective about clarification questions. Too often, this has become a fan exercise in demanding answers for things that are meant to be interpreted, and the material is there for that. An example of a topic done to death would be "Does Angel remember ordering the execution of the "spike" guy in "Retreat"? Can he be held accountable for the massacre on the Tibetan mountainside, pitting depowered Slayers against soldiers?" Such questions are better asked in the relevant discussion threads, as they're provocative and discussion-worthy. These Q&As are not meant to be tools to help you prove a point.

As usual, rudeness will not be tolerated. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing your questions. I'm also accepting questions and questions about questions at wenxina[AT]

1. Bamph: Hey Scott

There is something I've been thinking about for the last week or so. Angel's plan to bring back Giles sounds like a really bad idea. We know she can't handle being around Angel right now but in a perfect world, Buffy would find out about this and put a stop to it. I think if anybody could convince Angel not to go through with this,it would be Buffy especially if she talked to Angel about being ripped out of heaven against her will and not wanting the same for Giles. However hurt or angry she is with Angel at present, I have no doubt,that if she got wind of this,she would be on the first flight to London the minute she found out to talk some sense to Angel. And again,I think the only one Angel would listen to right now in his current mental state is Buffy. Of course that would complete gut the story being told so I can understand why Buffy and the gang can't find out at this point.

My question though is,how much consideration is Angel giving to things like Giles being ripped out of heaven and not wanting to be brought back and Buffy and the Scoobies feelings on this matter? Based off of things that happened on the show like Dawn trying to bring Joyce back and Buffy being ripped out of heaven and not wanting to be brought back at the time, I just can't see them agreeing with Angel's plan either. Is Angel even considering these factors?

Scott: First off, sorry for the late response. We had another event at the comic shop my girlfriend works at tonight, for a book I consult on, so I wanted to show up. Patric Reynolds, the artist on Patton Oswalt's Serenity story was there, along with some other local pals/talent.
Angel knows that what you're saying about Buffy is true, so he's trying to make sure she doesn't know.
Like a lot of people (fictional characters) in this situation, Angel seems to think that he'll find a way to make it work. He's heard the story of the monkey's paw, but all that tells him is don't try it with a monkey's paw. Instead he's taking a very unique approach to it, as you'll learn in greater detail in the months to come.

2. Morphia: Hi Scott

Thanks for doing this Q&A.

I've read the issue and have to say I'm having a hard time feeling the Angel love. It really feels as if he's gone through the whole Twilight thing and learned nothing at all. That said, I understand why - for now - Faith feels obliged to help him. I just think he'd benefit from tougher love than she currently seems able to give.

Will the series address the evolving relationship between Angel and Faith (I don't mean romantically) as much as it addresses their individual arcs? I mean, is the intention to ultimately integrate those three things, and will things look very different between them when it's over?

The art was great in this issue, by the way. Given the way I'm feeling about Angel at the moment, I especially enjoyed the panel of the red demon lady whacking him over the head with a bar stool. Any chance we can see more of her?

Scott: I don't think that demon's going to show up again, but maybe. Rebekah rocks the demon designs.
For a lot of us, the whole story is really about the relationship between these two. That's where a lot of the drama is gonna come from, and yes, it will evolve through the course of what's happening here.

3. Maggie: Hi Scott,

I really enjoyed this issue -- I think you are off to a smashing start with both A&F and season 9. My question is about the title of this arc, "Live Through This". Who came up with the title? And are the resonances with the Hole album of the same name intentional?

Scott: Hey Maggie. The title came from Chris, and I don't know if he's a big Hole fan. He is a Masshole, though, even if he's recently migrated to LA.

4. Menomegirl: Hi Scott! Thank you for doing these Q & A's.

I agree with Maggie-this is a wonderful issue.

In this issue, there's a flash-back to a scene where Faith and Giles talk about resurrecting the professor she killed back in season 3 of Buffy. I was wondering exactly when this conversation happened?

Scott: The conversation happens shortly after Brian Vaughan's arc from Season 8, before they'd started traveling together.

5. FangerFourLover: Thanks for the Q & A Scott! This was another incredible issue!

My question revolves around Pearl and Nash. Who specifically created these two characters, and how were they thought up? Thanks!

Scott: That was a process that started in the Writer Summit at Joss's house. Everyone there had something to say about it, guided by Joss, and we came up with a clear mission for Chris, in terms of what he needed to come up with for us. I believe it was Joss's idea that it be a former minion of Twilight, and at one point I believe it was just one character. But it's always hard to remember where the details came from. Most of it came from Chris, ultimately, with bouncing it around via email with Sierra, Freddye, Joss, and me. Once he had it nailed down characterwise, the names took longer. Chris had some religious names in there, biblical names, and it made the whole book sound like a church picnic. (Writers Summit, by the way: no Church picnic.) In the end I think he came up with the names, but there were some names that were rejected by Joss before we settled on Pearl and Nash. I think Chris wound up with very Whedony names. For the designs, Rebekah pretty much nailed it out of the gate, but we wanted to make sure they were really alien looking, in a subtle way—just something a little off about them. The reason one of the upcoming covers is just Pearl and Nash—the reason that we did a cover without Angel or Faith so early in the run—is that we thought the surreal quality in Steve's work would help make Pearl and Nash that little extra bit weird looking. I don't know if it changed how Rebekah draws them, but it informed the overall perspective on them.

6. zamolxis: Hi Scott, (haven't read the issue yet, so any news on the digital available Buffy is highly appreciated)

Magical Mystery Tour Featuring The Beetles is timeline settled between issue #39 and #40 if I understood correctly. Do you plan to print it in future hardcovers for season 8 or 9? And generally speaking which was the most requested free digital comic of your (Dark Horse) brick-and-mortar program?

Scott: I believe Spike was the biggest hit of the digital comics, no surprise, but Mass Effect has a really strong digital following, for obvious reasons. Might have been that. The Spike story will be collected in the back of the first Season 9 collection, not as an epilogue to the five issues, but as an extra, because yes, it would come before Season 9 #1.

7. Moscow Watcher: Do you remember when the decision to create the spin-off "Angel and Faith" was taken? Pre-season 8? After the first Faith arc? Later?

Thank you for a great issue and thank you for answering our questions!

Scott: Much later than Brian's Faith arc. Joss made the decision right before I started writing my issues of Season 8. I don't think we knew right off the bat about the name of the book, but Joss made the decision that Faith would be in Angel's book, then he decided they'd really share the book, and then he decided she'd get her name on the book. I really loved it when he said the title of the book would be Angel & Faith. I felt like it was pretty bold, not just going with the title of the TV show, not using the TV logo.

8. Bamph: Towards the end of the new issue we read Faith's inner thoughts.

I tell Angel he's nuts. He goes off on his own. A loose cannon. Aimed at himself. Figured I'd go along... Keep him out of trouble till I can find a way to make him give up this snipe hunt. But he's not gonna. Angel's saved the world five or six times. Spent TWO lifetimes doing good. He made up for what he did to Giles before he ever did it. But he's still a vampire with a soul. A monster who hates himself for being a monster. He's never going to let himself off the hook. Unless I make him.

When she says this she is really eyeing that broken vial of Morah demon blood she's holding intently. Are we right to assume that she is thinking of using the Morah demon blood on Angel to make him human again and try to free him of his guilt in the hope of that finally giving him some peace?

Scott: Yep. You guys better vote quick, before Chris writes #3!

9. Lone Wolf: There's been some debate on the forum about whether Angel and Angelus are 2 different entities or not: What's your take?

Scott: We have been talking about this a LOT lately. Personally, I think this is exactly the sort of thing Joss should never answer. It's the sort of metaphysical question that should be fun to ponder. What is the real nature of any vampire? It's fun for Freddye and Sierra and Chris and Andrew and I to debate, but I'd frankly be bummed if we brought it to Joss and he gave a definitive answer. I will say that this question will get some play in issues to come—of Angel and Faith, and elsewhere in Season 9. Tomorrow night i actually have a call scheduled to talk about a very related question, about the different aspects of a vampire, the human and the demon. I will say there is some disagreement among those of us working on the book, but we feel it's fine for us not to answer the question, but instead to wrestle with it. We can use the story to argue both sides of the question, and hopefully you guys will find it thought provoking.

10. Lone Wolf: And my second is... You said Angel & Faith will go their separate ways after S9. Is there any possibility he would go back to L.A after S9? Or is he finished with L.A?

Scott: I'm not sure I said that, but they definitely could part ways. I'm not positive they will, but it seems likely. And yes, he could certainly return to LA. But almost nothing about Season 10 is determined except that it will exist, which mainly means Buffy probably doesn't die in Season 9. At least, someone doesn't die...

11. Wenxina: Hey Scott. Mohra demon regenerative blood, some talk about the metaphysics of the soul and its interaction with magic, and Angel's plan... these things make for an interesting story, but there are certain incongruent aspects with what was previously established as resurrection canon in the Buffyverse. For instance, Tara was a witch until she died, but her natural death made no difference, despite her witch status. Will these differences be reconciled? Right now, Faith is my avatar in terms of what to think about the entire resurrection thing (i.e. Angel is kinda crazy focused but not in the right way).

Scott: It's a mystery, Wenxina!

We've spent a lot of time talking, reviewing old episodes, wrestling with the clearly established rules of resurrection in the verse, and the verdict we've come to is that there's room to tell this story. Warren was a goof we don't want to repeat. There is a tendency in the verse for authoritative characters to say always and never, but Michelle Bachman is similarly absolute in her declarations, and I'm not betting my soul on her. The bottom line is that supernatural fiction being what it is, metaphysics are not a perfect science. I've been involved in some esoteric groups, and you always get someone standing in front of you carefully explaining the various strata of angels, or the six stages the soul has to pass through to get to heaven. They don't know. At the very least, they don't know the only way. So the differences will not necessarily be reconciled. What it means to say that there's no magic on earth, that the paths between earth and the different realms or dimensions are closed, this will all be explored and tested. I'm sure it will happen that we'll do something in some issue that will contradict some line of dialogue that sounded really convincing in some episode of Season 4, or something. This week Sierra, Freddye, and I all watched the last three episodes of Season 5, to ponder the implications of those episodes on Season 9.

And actually I'm not sure what your point is about Tara, not sure if you're speaking generally or refering to something specific that I'm forgetting. No perfect recall here...

12. Wenxina: What I meant with Tara was that she, like Giles, had also practiced magic, so by Angel's argument, her soul should also be less gone. But when Willow tried to resurrect her, I think it was Osiris who very clearly stated that a natural death couldn't be reversed. I mean, I'm betting that there's a conflict of interest there with one of the gods of the underworld not wanting to lose souls he's claimed because someone willy nilly casts a resurrection spell.

Thanks for the answers, btw. How was the comic shop shindig?

Scott: I don't think Osiris would be successful in discouraging Angel right now. Let's see if he ever gets that far. The comics party was great. Anyone in the Portland area, please come out to these TFAW get togethers. Free beer, free food, really good time.

13. Matrim: Faith thinks Angel spent two lifetimes doing good. How is that possible, he only started fighting the good fight after he met Buffy, except for a few occasions during the century between regaining his soul and meeting Whistler. Is Faith mistaken or she just exaggerated to make herself believe Angel isn't really a bad guy after all?

Scott: I believe Mr Gage addressed this by Twitter. She does exaggerate. He did not spend every minute of the last couple lifetimes fighting the good fight, but he did have his moments well before he met Buffy, and well before Buffy or Faith were born.

14. Bamph: When Angel is telling Faith about the Morah demon and what it did to him in, "I Will Remember You" we get a flash of Buffy and Angel kissing from that episode and Angel remembering it.
That is a very nice visual nod and I was wondering if you knew who decided to include that? Was it in the script from Christos or did Rebekah add that?

Scott: It was in the script specifically. Totally Chris' idea.

15. Gonzalo: Hi Scott, this is the first time I write here. I'm one of the people who run the Buffyverse wikia and just wanted to know if the villains of the issue were named: the bald "Hitman" vampire and the flaming skeletal demon. Oh and the species of the big-ass demons working for Baphon. Thank you!

Scott: Sorry, both unnamed.

16. Sosa Lola: Hello, Scott, just read the new issue and I've enjoyed it so much! I really loved the Faith/Giles flashback, will we get more of those in future issues? Their friendship was one of the highlights in S8.

Scott: There will be more flashbacks featuring Giles. Not necessarily from that exact time period, but a variety of different things about his past. Flashbacks will explore his history a bit.

17. zianna: Hello

You said that "Spike was the biggest hit of the digital comics". Could we get a number on how many downloads the Spike book had?

Scott: I don't actually know, but we generally don't share that sort of information.

18. Morphia: Hi again, Scott

I couldn't help noticing there were some mistakes with the British slang in this issue. Was it based on the slang used in the show (by Spike particularly, I suppose), because some of that was wrong too?

If Christos or Andrew Chambliss need any help with British slang in future, I'd be happy to help them out.

Scott: I think it was simply an attempt at British slang by a non-native who reads a lot. Thanks for the offer. I think Chris saw this and responded, so maybe he'll take you up on it.

19. angeliclestat: Hi Scott

We have seen lots of backstreets and rooftops so far but are there any plans to take Angel and Faith to any famous London landmarks? After Rebekah's recent London jaunt she should have plenty of references. Don't know why, but I have an image in my head that Trafalgar Square would make a fantastic place for an epic fight sequence

Scott: We will get something in Highgate Cemetery, and Rebekah will have a lot of latitude to use reference from her trip, but I don't think landmarks will be a big part of the story. No such plans. And we'd probably screw up and have the sun setting on the wrong side of a monument or something, and that'd just be too embarrassing.

20. AndrewCrossett: We find out in this issue that vampires are still popular, months after the end of Harmony's show and the break-up of the "evil fascist Slayer Army." Now that things have settled down in the world at large and people are having more time to really look into vampires, what they are and what they do, can we expect to see the beginnings of a backlash against them?

Scott: There will be revelations about vampires for all involved, including our characters who think they know it all. And more humans will come around to Buffy's way of thinking about vampires. But the vast majority of vampires are actually doing a good job of following Harmony's rules. These creatures managed to keep their existence secret from most humans for centuries, even in this age of information. So I fully support the idea that once outed, they'd be able to use the same skills that allowed them to do that, to pass, and stay below the radar. For a while.

21. Wenxina: Hellow again. So, we now know that Phil Noto will be taking over art duties for ANGEL & FAITH #5. I'm only familiar with his work on the Dollhouse covers as well as his work posted on his website. However, it's very different from Isaacs' style: very open, very watercolor-y. What attracted you guys to his work and how do you think that it'll fit in with the moody aesthetic of ANGEL & FAITH so far. Or is it perfect because of our special guest star who's all about the unicorns?

Scott: We're just very big fans of Phil, as you can tell from us hiring him for Dollhouse covers and Buffy covers. I've wanted to do an interior gig with him for ages, and this is the one that worked out. He draws very pretty people, which we thought Harmony would like, and he has nice atmosphere, and a light touch that I think is similar to Rebekah's. And Christos was very eager to work with him. He won't be coloring himself on Angel & Faith, though, so the feel of the book will remain a little more consistent than you might be thinking.

22. zamolxis: Hi again and thanks for the Q&A

I've seen on DH's blog several "Making a cover" from our artists' POV (Jeanty, Isaacs, Morris). What can you tell us from writers'/editor's POV about selecting a cover or a cover concept and whose words have more "weight" in the process (Whedon/Chambliss/Gage vs editors, if you remember or found it appropriate please give an example).

Scott: It starts with me, Sierra, and Freddye emailing with Joss and the writer of the given comic, usually with the three of us throwing out an idea first, or maybe, if we're shooting blanks, just asking for something. We agree on a basic concept or parameters, then send it to the artist. If Joss pitches the cover concept, we usually adhere to that; if he's merely one voice voting, then his vote counts a little more than the rest—but if he's really invested in a decision, you can tell, and we go with it. But everyone wants a fairly democratic process where everyone is going to stay motivated, in particular the writer and the artist. Depending on the artist we get two to fourteen sketches, with Georges always being the most forthcoming with ideas, and often going pretty far from the original concept. Sierra and Freddye and I usually can tell which sketch is the artist's favorite, even if they don't say, and we take that into account when bouncing it around with the writer and Joss. If we're happy with all the ideas, we let the artist choose. With Georges we usually narrow it down to a few and take his input into account. We assume no artist gives us an idea they hate, but once in a while we pick one that they turn around and say they don't want to do, and we never push back against that. As a group we're trying to come up with a commercial cover, something the readers will like, which supports the story without spoiling it, maybe misleads a bit, without lying.

23. Menomegirl: Hi again, Scott.

I was just wondering. If Faith knows about Cordelia, does she also know about Angel's role in the the deaths of Drogyn and Lindsey?

Scott: I'm not sure. At this point somewhat safe to assume that they've caught up on a lot of that stuff, but it's not germane to the story right now. There could certainly come a time when we thought it'd serve the story to have Faith suddenly learn this from Whistler, for instance, so right not I'm not saying if she knows or not. But she certainly knows Angel has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

24. Vampire in Rug: Hey Scott.

The Shanshu prophecy was a huge deal in "Angel" Seasons 1 through 5 and "After the Fall". It even got a mention in Buffy Season 8. I think it stands to reason that this prophecy is probably "on standby" while the world is without magic. I think you've confirmed this in a previous Q and A. Should we be expecting this to be addressed/mentioned/explored within the text of the story? And speaking of the new, magicless status quo, what of the curse and the happiness clause? That's also been a big deal for Angel. Could Angelus (in theory) be unleashed permanently in this new, magicless world? The thought scares me a little.

Scott: A variety of things make Shanshu somewhat irrelevant at the moment, including what you're saying. As far as the curse goes, it would appear that Angel still has his soul—what we know about the magicless world suggests that he would keep that—but the curse is a mystery that Angel probably isn't eager to test.

25. Simon: Out of sheer curiosity and nothing to do with the fact that it's my surname, where did you get the name 'Fraser' from?

Scott: To me you are only Simon, so I don't think I ever knew your last name; I don't believe Chris did either, so alas, no. That name has been kicking around on one character or another since the first outline for the first arc of Angel & Faith, so it just seems to be a name Chris really likes.

26. Moscow Watcher: Did you discuss, at the Writer Summit at Joss's house, the possible changes in the world where one can buy at the black market the medicine to regenerate any dead tissue and even raise up the dead? Like, rapid growth of extreme sports industry, changes in suicide statistics, governments and powerful corporations trying to seize it?

Scott: We talked about a lot of stuff like that. A lot of that sort of thing swirled around. It's a tough thing, trying to decide how much you want to change the world in interesting ways that don't necessarily play to the theme and the plot. We had all sorts of ideas about weird changes to the world around us, where we said, So how do we work that in? And realized that that would distract us from the story of these guys, in particular. You'll see some of the sort of thing I mean, but in part the world will seem relatively little changed because we don't want to spend a lot of time exploring those sorts of changes. But what you're specifically talking about could have happened in any previous season, if I understand you right.

27. Lone Wolf: Is there any possibility Wolfram & Hart are behind or connected to Twilight? Seeing it was them that sent L.A to hell and that was what Twilight used to bait Angel, telling him if didn't become Twilight, all of the world would be like L.A was in After the Fall.

Scott: Totally possible.

28. Bamph: What has the feedback that you've heard in general so far about Buffy #1 and Angel & Faith #1 been like, now that they've been out a few weeks. Are you happy and satisfied with that feedback?

Scott: It's been very positive, which is nice. Please don't stop just because I said that.

29. Wenxina: Will there be a guest artist for Buffy #5? Could you tell us who that will be? *cracks knuckles, ready to work some Google-Fu*

Scott: Buffy #5 will have a fill-in artist, who we will be announcing soon. Sorry...

30. Wenxina: Will Steve Morris be the main cover artist for both BUFFY and ANGEL & FAITH, or will we see some new or old talent pop back in now and again? Would love to see some Phil Noto and Massimo Carnevale covers. And I'm sure Jo Chen has legions of fans that would love to see her return to the fold.

Scott: Steve will stay on A&F for the full run; Buffy will get a new artist every five issues, or so goes the current plan. Jo does have a role in things, too. Massimo is busy on some of our other covers, and he proved on Dollhouse that he can do a real nice likeness, but there are no plans for him to come back into rotation over here.

Thanks, everyone! Buffy next week, right?

And that's a wrap all. A big thanks to Scott for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this, and a huge round of thanks to all those that submitted questions.

Christos Gage took a look at the Scott Allie Q/A and decided to answer a few questions himself on Twitter.!/Christosgage

OK Angel & Faith readers, I forgot Faith's victim, Prof. Worth, was a "lifelong bachelor." Bachelors can have kids too if they're naughty...

OK Angel & Faith readers, I forgot Faith's victim, Prof. Worth, was a "lifelong bachelor." Bachelors can have kids too if they're naughty...

Q: Faith thinks Angel spent two lifetimes doing good. How is that possible, he only started fighting the good fight after he met Buffy?

A: Angel fought Nazis in WWII, saved someone in the 20s, John Byrne drew him in World War I...he did good stuff before Buffy. But yes, Faith is probably overstating matters.

For those like Wenxina who point out that Angel's description of why he could resurrect Giles would apply to other magic users like Tara too

A: You are right. Clearly Angel is deluded...or there's something he's not telling Faith...or the Watcher Files are exceptionally detailed.

Q: I couldn't help noticing there were mistakes with the British slang in this issue. Was it based on the slang used in the show?

A: It's because I'm American and I suck. In my defense Garth Ennis' use of American Southern dialogue in PREACHER has mistakes too.

That's all. I just wanted to answer some questions I didn't think it was fair to dump on @ScottAllie . OK now I guess I have to work a bit.

Q:Hey, thanks for answering some of those questions. :) Other than that bit about resurrection, I thought the issue was stellar...Also, the resurrection thing didn't spoil the book for me. Just made me wonder about it context of precedence.

A:The resurrection issue is indeed one that has a lot more to it than we've shown so far. Stay tuned!

Q:When Faith says Angel "made up for what he did to Giles before he ever did it", it's the same moral stance as in Consequences....I thought it was a really off moral stance (the good you did in the past excuses the bad in the present)...
Was that your intention, a call back to season 3? It seems that Faith still has to evolve more when it comes to her ethics.Also, has Angel really saved the world 5 - 6 times, or is Faith exaggerating?

A:I agree that you can't "make up" for future crimes. Keep in mind that is Faith talking. She sees Angel suffering...

...and wants him to stop. But just as Angel is often too willing to punish himself, she's too willing to absolve him.

But yeah, I think Angel has saved the world 5 or 6 times, if you count the times he helped Buffy save it.

Having said that, the exercise I did in my twenties DOES make up for the brownie I'm going to eat today.

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Postby Shade of Pale » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:37 am

An unexpected aknowledgment for 'Blood and Trenches !' :D
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Postby Double Dutchess » Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:01 pm

Thanks for posting the reviews and the Q&A, Buffyversefantic. Interesting idea about Faith tricking Angel and using the Mohra blood on him instead! I could see that happening.

I see that most people are quite enthusiastic about the issue, but for some reason (I can't quite put my finger on why) I found it a bit depressing. I don't know, maybe it's because I can't relate to Angel very well in this comic. Or maybe it's just the colouring or something.

Angel's explanation of why Giles could be resurrected made no sense to me at all (how does snapping someone's neck while possessed make it a "magical death"?), but after reading the Q&A answers by Scott Allie and Christos Gage I'm starting to think it wasn't actually supposed to make much sense in the first place.
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Postby Jean-Vic » Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:27 pm

I'm not getting the Angel hate at all.

He can't be shiny hero all the time. He has a darkness in him and he is well aware and so aware is he that he punishes himself a lot and that self hatred leads him to, ironically, release that darkness in attempt to atone.

Angel is arguably the most intelligent character in the verse now that Giles and Fred are dead, but intelligence aside, he has no common sense. He lacks the ability to sit down and compartmentalise and think, "Is this right?" He gets an idea and he is single track mind then. He is driven by grief and he is not thinking straight. We've seen this before with him when baby Connor was taken, when Connor was going to kill Cordelia, when Darla was dying etc. When he gets an idea, nothing and no one can stop him seeing it through and that is the tragedy of his character. He is so desperate to atone, he does things which lead to bad places which makes him want to atone even more.

That is Angel. That is what we are supposed to sympathise with. Yes, he's being an idiot at the moment, but WHY is he being an idiot? Yes, he did a lot of bad as Twilight, but WHY did he initially become Twilight? This is Angel and I have no problem with his current direction because it lies true to who he is at his core.
I'm so glad I'm an Asshole!
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Postby pshand05 » Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:43 pm

Angel, while sometimes misguided, is one of the most genuinely good characters in the 'verse. Just an opinion.
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