Top 10 Moments of IDW's ANGEL

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Postby Bovy » Mon May 30, 2011 2:33 am

fluff wrote:Oh, in which comic do we get to see an Illyria puppet?
In SPIKE: Shadow Puppets, by Lynch and Urru. You can buy it as a regular TPB, or as a HC,
where Shadow Puppets's also joined by the Smile Time adaptation and a short story with puppet Angel on a date with Nina.
But the name of the HC is ANGEL: Smile Time, even if it includes the above content.

Answer: you can buy SPIKE: Shadow Puppets or ANGEL: Smile Time, if you want to see the Illyria puppet.
The difference in price isn't that much.
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Postby fluff » Mon May 30, 2011 2:35 am

Oh, thanks. I'll put Smile Time on my list then
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Postby JohnQRotten76 » Mon May 30, 2011 7:46 pm

Angel tricks all the lords of Hell-Ay into committing suicide.

Angel is human again and Spike's claim that he knew because Angel was getting pudgy.

Spike as lord of Beverly Hills, ruling from the Playboy Mansion.

Gunn beats down Non for reviving him.

Spike inadvertently writes the Twilight prophecy.

Betta George reads Dru's mind and goes comatose.

Laura's weird relationship with Mr. P.

Spike gives Dru his soul.
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Postby Jean-Vic » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:47 am

Unfortunately, due to student funds being so low, my ability to buy the comics has been limited. I managed to buy Angel up to 30-something and Spike, but nothing more, I'm afraid, so my list will ignore things I am yet to read, so if it seems biased at all towards ATF, please forgive me.

10. Illyria gaining some semblance of humanity and devoting herself to change, to become better.

9. While not popular with Spike fans, I enjoyed Boys and their Toys. I felt it was a nice bit of development for Spike and not in the slightest belittling of him. It's good that he has gone from out and out hating Angel to admiring the way he does things and wanting, in a sense, to be more like him. That said, he also realised that he could never be like Angel and had to develop his own way, which we got to see in the 8 issues of Spike.

8. Lorne's "death". Extremely well done story.

7. Wes' return.

6. Angel and Spike bonding in the car, and seemingly developing a friendship and brotherhood, of sorts. Such a shame DH won't be continuing this line of development, instead keeping them completely separate and I'm sure antagonistic whenever they are together because they are both obviously petulant teenagers in love with the same girl. Would have liked to see how close they could have become, given their mutual status as, you know, the only vampires with souls in existence.

5. Revealing Gunn as a vampire. Beautiful.

4. Revealing Angel has "shanshued". Amazing.

3. This was not a happy moment, but a tragic moment, though it has to be so high because of that tragedy. Wes is in heaven, his dreams playing out day by day with Fred, when suddenly he discovers that it isn't Fred and it isn't heaven, but a Wolfram and Hart fabrication. A tremendously tragic moment, and again so understated. Sometimes, the dream is better than the reality.

2. I guess it would have to be Angel choosing to stay behind on this earth, despite the future he was shown and despite the chance to leave with Cordelia, because Connor needed him, because people needed him. Another wonderful moment of Angel making a sacrifice. Even more so because his sacrifices are usually understated, so they are even more special.

1. The final page of After the Fall. Angel walking off into the night, an evil past behind him, a potentially evil future ahead, but all he cares about is the here, the now, the helpless. That page, those final lines, captured who and what Angel is perfectly.
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