The Children - Written by The Rev (Matthew J. Childs)

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The Children - Written by The Rev (Matthew J. Childs)

Postby The Rev » Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:25 am

I’m a soldier.

The World is at war.

And I’m in Hell.

Or so it seems. The company I was assigned to have been decimated. For how long or how it happened is beyond my reckoning. All I know is … it seems like I’ve been here for decades.

I’m alone.


But more than that, I’m thirsty.

What ever happened to the water supply since this ungodly catastrophe began? Maybe the blood of millions of slain men has finally polluted the water undrinkable. Maybe this was the price of arrogance. Whatever it was, the water stung the lips and dragged itself like glass down my throat so I stopped drinking it.

Still I wander on.

It’s night. I fall asleep and I dream. It’s always the same. The children. I must save the children.

They are in a schoolhouse sitting at their desks. At the front of the class is a teacher. His face is always turned so I can’t see him. The children’s faces are so bright with enthusiasm. They trust this man. They love this man. The teacher then gives all the children something. It’s small, round. Their faces, their bight young faces so innocent so eager to learn then turn to me. That’s when I see their eyes. Those dead empty sockets staring into me.

I wake up screaming.

Same thing again. I’m alone longing to hear a voice, a gunshot, anything. How long has it been since I’ve heard the songs of birds stirring in the trees.


How can there be birds? The trees are nothing more than cinders piled around charred stumps. It seems as through nothing has escaped the atrocities of war. I was thinking it was like someone took a flamethrower to the whole damn world when I saw buildings off in the distance. A smile cracks my parched lips, finally some semblance of civilization. It’s getting dark. I decide to make the trek tomorrow. So I sleep.

I’m in the schoolhouse again. This time I’m going to save those sweet innocent souls and I know what I must do. I must reveal the teacher for who he is. I must show the children the face of the devil himself. I notice something different. It’s the children’s clothing. No longer are they wearing smart vests and shorts, but something rather like what the gardeners wear over their good clothes except these over clothes had numbers on the back. Large black numbers.

They aren’t sitting either. Instead they are standing in filed rows with their hands out. I try to scream. I try to warn them but I can’t. Something is preventing my mouth from moving. I claw at my mouth only find my lips have been sewn shut. I try to move but chains bind my legs. I watch helplessly as the children accept this devil’s pill. I could hear the laughter of the teacher as he spreads his poison. Slowly the children began to turn to face me. Faces twisted in anguish. Their flesh decayed. They grasp their bellies bellowing in pain. They circle around me and in one monstrous groan puke up their organs. One small child pulls the remainder of his intestines out of his mouth slowly stumbling towards me slathering his intestine and its bloody remains onto my face. Finally my lips tore open tasting the fecal matter as it oozed over my tongue.

“I’m here to save you! Don’t you know I’m here to save you?”

They don’t hear me. They just look at me with those dead eyes.

I wake up.


The sun is so scorching hot. In the distance I see the buildings shimmering in the haze. A smile breaks over my face and with what feels like hope I began to walk my final trek because if there’s no water when I get there, I’m dead anyway.

To be continued ….
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Postby The Rev » Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:22 pm

It took the better part of the day to reach the outer perimeter. It was so hot. I strained my eyes towards the sky and spotted the black silhouettes of vultures circling above. No … not vultures but what looked more like grotesque monstrosities with fleshy wings screeching in unearthly tones. Surely it was a trick of the light or more likely the fact I was dehydrated to the point of death. Whatever they were struck fear to my core and I knew I had to live. There was no way I was going to allow those beasts to defile my body with their abominable beaks.

I had to find water.

My focus then returns to the challenge at hand. I could see amongst the buildings a well that surely reached down to fresh living water. In front of me though, between me and my prize seeming to mock my very plight was the true challenge. For miles stretching in both directions is a barrier of razor wire. I gaze at the well as the last bit of sweat drizzles down my cheek. I have no shovel and digging by hand would only weaken me. So I grit my teeth and once again begin to walk.

Out of the haze I see a gate. My pace begins to quicken. I know I shouldn’t, I should conserve my energy but that crazy thing called hope once again emerges. I stumble upon it and push. Nothing. I push again. Nothing. Through a crack in the steel gates I see the cause of this mystery. A gigantic laminated padlock.

Desperation consumes me and I become frantic.

I begin to weep uncontrollably cursing God and all his infernal glory when through the very same crack the padlock hung in solidarity against me I saw a shadow dash across the light between the buildings.

A human shadow.

I try to bellow out crying for its attention, “Wait! Come back! Let me in!”


I look at the gate and notice for the first time shallow pits in the surface and begin to climb. At the top is more razor wire but I’m beyond care. My hands wrap around the wire as I pull myself to the crest. I don’t even feel it. I just heave and pull until half my body is slung over. Sixteen feet over dry solid earth I allow gravity to have me and I fall. Adreneline surges through me. I don’t notice my tattered hands, the gashes across my stomach. Someone is here. I saw them. I’ll find them.

Again a shadow flits out of the corner of my vision.

“Hello! Hello! Answer me damn you!”

I collapse. That’s when I notice I’m surrounded in a pool of my own blood. Half crazed I’m amazed this dry husk even has blood. I’m dying. I know I’m dying. Just before things go black I hear a sound. Laughter. Children’s laughter.

I wake up in the dimness of one of the buildings. My wounds bandaged. I’m puzzled yet thankful, thankful that for the first time since I can remember I didn’t dream of the children.

Slowly my eyes adjust and I realize I’m laying on a child sized bunk. All around me are bunks. All sized for children. There were no toys surrounding the beds and on closer inspection I find some of the bunks have letters laid upon the pillows. I pick up one of these letters but before I can read it I hear something behind me. I spin towards the sound dropping the letter in terror. There in the doorway was a dark figure, a child. I must have startled them as much they did me for they darted off before I could reconstitute myself.

I bolted out of the door way, blinded by the sun’s intensity.

“Stop! Did you do this to me? Do you live here?”

My cries were futile as once again I found myself alone. It was hot, so hot. Never has it been so damn hot. It actually was painful to breathe as the scorched air drained me of any desire to continue pursuit. I once again thought of the well and the gurgling water bubbling in its depths. Then, as if the mere thought of it would bring it into reality, there it was only few feet on the other side of the bunk house I was resting in.

Sweet Jubilation! I clamoured towards it and just about smashed my brains out on its rocky walls as stumbled on a stone protruding from the dry earth. Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate insult to a pitiful existence? Dead, inches from salvation, after endless days of surviving all odds and killed by a mere pebble.

Pain seared right through my fingers all the way down my tendons as my bandaged hands tugged on the rope. I could hear the bucket clanging its way up. I could hear the rushing water below. Finally it emerged. I splashed the water over my face. It didn’t burn. The water was pure. I cupped my hands and brought the sweet nectar to my lips. I went to suck it up and then just as quickly spewed it out. I began to retch uncontrollably.

There clattering at the bottom of the bucket, distorted by the sloshing water, lying in decay were the white remains of children’s skulls.

Not even now. Not even now could I find relief. I began to weep for both myself and the dead children. I couldn’t understand what monster could possibly do this to such blessed creatures.

Then a hand touches mine and I know instantly who it is. It is the child and I feel at peace.

“Sir I have something to tell you.”

“Yes what is it?”

“I got my letter today.”

He pulled it out. It was the same sort of letter I spotted on the bunks.

“What does it say?”

Sadness overcomes the child’s gaunt features. “It says I get to go to school today.”

“Isn’t that good? Don’t you want to learn?”

“But he makes me afraid.”

“Who does? Who would dare frighten you?”

“The teacher sir, the teacher frightens all of us.”

“There are more of you? Where are they?”

He points to the distance and suddenly I’m filled with dread. It’s outline is bleak, but I know this place. It is the place of my nightmares.

“There sir. In the schoolhouse. They are in the schoolhouse.”

To be concluded ….
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Postby The Rev » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:06 am

All this time I thought this place unreal. It was a place I only had to visit during the darkest hours of sleep and now it lay before me glaring forth in the bright daylight. As we trudged towards the schoolhouse I thought about my observations upon arriving here. All around us was the razor wire fence. Rows of bunk houses spread upon the barren land. I say barren because not one single blade of grass grew here within the confines of the fence. That’s what I thought until I came across another building resembling a military office. Not only was grass allowed to grow around this secluded building but flowers bloomed in gardens on either side of the doorway.

I stopped. I couldn’t say why, but something called to me from this empty place. A flag waved in the stagnant breeze. I noticed on it was the same symbol I found all over the encampment. It was a red field emblazoned by a screwy cross. I once knew what this symbol meant, something powerful, but for the moment it evaded my memory.

The child cowered not daring to glimpse in the building’s direction.

“Who works here?”

The child hesitated.

“It’s Alright. Take your time. Don’t you remember?”

His body tensed, “I don’t like this place. I want to leave.”

But I didn’t. Not yet.

I approached the door when something protruding out of the flower beds caught my attention. It glinted as I picked it up. It’s edges where smooth and rounded. Then I saw another and then another dotting the flower bed like tiny stars glimmering in the night sky. I bent closer to inspect them and like at the well earlier I fertilized the soil with my vomit. It was when I saw the tooth that a realized what it was I was holding. They were Finger bones from a child no more than five years old.

I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

The response was emotionless, “I just want to leave.”

This time … I relented.

Not far from the schoolhouse an enormous ditch yawned from the earth. Part of it was covered with freshly moved dirt. The smell was beyond all imagination. Death was here and flies buzzed in thick droves above what lie beneath. The soil appeared to move on its own but it was only an illusion. I knew it was the millions of maggots feasting on dead children that gave life to the shifting mound. I watched the boy expecting some sort of reaction. Again he remained emotionless.

“The Teacher, did he do all of this?”


We moved on.

It was a few moments after we passed that massive grave we stood at the threshold of the schoolhouse. Above the door the same screwy cross. I tried the door and was surprised to find myself standing in what appeared a change room.

“I have to change now. I have to get ready for school.” The boy approached the same garb I saw in my dreams. On the back were the large black numbers. No, I wasn’t going to let it happen. If anything destiny brought me here and if I was to do one last thing in my life it was to save this child.

I placed my hand on his shoulder. “Lets’ leave. This place, this place is evil.”

He spun towards me and I stumbled back in a fear I’ve never felt in all my life. He was changed into something demonic. Its voice hissing with contempt, “You want me here! You want to teach me! Don’t you want to teach me?” He then lunged towards me gnashing with teeth shaped like long pointed needles. His hands were now claws.

I ran for my life through a door locking it. He thumped on the other side continuing his rant. “Don’t you want to teach me?”

I looked around and found I was in a laboratory. Beakers, microscopes, equipment of all kinds lined the long tables. On one end of the room was a large desk strewn with papers. Making no sense of the papers I began to open the desk drawers looking for anything that might tell me what’s been going on here.

I found a journal. I was mortified. Pages upon pages of recorded experiments, atrocities done to children all in the name of something called The Third Reich. Things started to come back to me. I was sent here because of a power called The Nazi’s. Who sent me I can’t remember anymore, but I had to do something. I had to stop these monsters.

I no longer heard the demon child, but muffled voices were coming from the another room. I grabbed a pistol I found hidden next to the journal and burst into the room. In the front stood the teacher. All around me stood the children.

I approached him. His back was turned to me.

“I’m putting a stop to this you monster! You hear me? I’m putting a stop to this!”

He didn’t turn. He just kept writing on the wall.

“Putting an end to what exactly.”

His voice calm. So calm. So familiar.

“Do I know you?”

My hands began shaking.

“Turn you coward!”

“If you so wish.”

I stopped. The gun dropped from my hand. His face. His face was mine.

“How …. how are you … how are you me?”

“I am you because I am you.”

It came back so suddenly.
The Nazi’s.
The death camps.
The children.
Children ground into fertilizer.
Children sent to deprivation at the bottom of the well just to see how long they’d live without companionship. Without love.
Then … the experiments.

I looked at my hands, the very hands responsible for the death of thousands of innocent children.

“No it can’t be … I can’t be a ….. “

The teacher grinned, “Oh it is and … you are. Don’t you remember you hated these people? These people you yourself called cattle to be used as meat for your experiments. Remember? No names, just numbers. You yourself ground them in the wood chipper for fertilizer. Oh … but these children, the ones you sent to your schoolhouse. Oh those were the most privileged of all. These children were made to eat pills that would send them into such convulsions they’d throw up their own innards. Why? Because I … you … were about to get the approval of The Fuhrer and send those pills out to the allied troops through our friends in the West. Oh it was to be glorious.”

Every word was true. I reached for the pistol.

The teacher continued.

“That was until the Americans found this place and shot you … me … dumping your carcass in the ditch not so far from here.”

I raised the Luger to my head and pulled the trigger.


The teacher roared at my expense, “Don’t you know? Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

We were inside and still it was like a furnace.

“Do you feel that? Don’t you feel that blessed heat burning away at you?”

I couldn’t speak.

The teachers’ eyes narrowed. He looked deep into mine and then I knew the truth. Finally I knew the truth.

I simply asked, “What is to become of me?”

“You are to spend an eternity in Hell forever reliving this atrocity you committed in an endless cycle of torment. In the end of every cycle you will be consumed by your sin and your sin will consume you.”

He, Lucifer, King of Hell looked at the children, “CONSUME HIM!”

The children swarmed like rabid wolves rending me apart with their sharp needle teeth. My appendages were pulled from their sockets. My innards devoured. In one last look into their dead empty sockets I wanted to tell them I was sorry, but even then I was denied that last bit of redemption.

Forever condemned.


I awoke here alone. I don’t know where my company is but I think they have all been killed. I don’t know where I am or how I got here.

Here are the things I do know.

I am a soldier.

The World is at war.

And I’m in Hell …. or so it seems.

The End.
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Postby Novastorm » Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:41 pm

Wow that was great. Such darkness and desperation all conveyed brilliantly and bleakly. Creepy indeed. Good show.
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